Thursday, February 6, 2020

Some Simple Sewing

Let's keep things simple

when it comes to making
a donation baby quilt. 

I had some leftover
pioneer dress fabric.
from a previous project. 

It was just enough for some 
easy nine patches and 
a skinny border.

I try not to mark
quilt designs with anything
too permanent or a challenge to remove.

My favorite 
tool for light fabrics
is Sewline's
Air Erasing marker.

Have you tried it?

The marks disappear
in about 24 hours
depending on how heavily 
the fabric is marked.

Now the question always
looming in my mind is 
does that "magic ingredient"
really disappear?
Does it dissipate into the air
not leaving any residue behind?

I don't know.

 I don't wash my quilts very often,
especially if they are not used on the bed.
So I guess we'll see if 
the fabric holds up where I've marked
over time.

Each year one of my quilt groups
makes baby quilts to donate.

Simple is the way to go.
Then, hopefully, the quilt will be
used and loved
like they should be.

Until Next Time-


  1. I don't know about the disappearing ink as I always wash my quilts and I use the blue wash away pen and for that one if you soak it good washing in the machine the lines always come out

  2. I haven't tried this marker either though it sounds interesting especially for a small project like this. Sweet quilt! I've been using the Crayola ultra-washable markers lately with great results.

  3. Cute donation baby quilt! I once marked a quilt in the evening using a disappearing marker and that was a big mistake. Hardly any markings were left the next morning. I guess the trick is to mark and quilt asap. Yours turned out great!

  4. So cute! I love making baby quilts, they are such deserving recipients!

  5. Classic and pretty! I love your quilting - its wonderful. Do you free motion that??

  6. Wonderful little make.:) Disappearing ink makes me super nervous after a bad experience years ago, but it wasn't the brand you used!

  7. Kyle es muy bonito tu edredón.
    No conozco este marcador,
    siempre utilizo el bolígrafo azul de agua,
    voy borrando con una esponja mojada a medida que acolcho
    siempre desaparecen las marcas, no he tenido problema

  8. Beautiful baby quilt, really like the quilting stencil. I still use quilting stencils but they are getting harder to buy and always on the look out for a new marking pen that is disappears completely WHEN you want it too!

  9. Reference your first picture, my daddy always told me I could accomplish anything I wanted to IF I just held my tongue just right! Looks like make you heard that too. Too cute! Your quilt is really cute! I've not used that pen, but a friend has, with no problem. Just don't hit it with the iron before it's gone! ---"Love"

  10. Beautiful quilt! I don't know much about marking pens. I've used regular pencils because a quilting teacher recommended it to me, and sometimes I use a children's washable marker - I figure if it says washable on the label, it must be, and so far that works. I know someone said a Frixion comes back sometimes in very cold weather. I guess a pen that disappears that quickly provides motivation to finish the quilting quickly!

  11. You have a really cute pioneer there.
    Very classic and pretty baby quilt, Kyle!
    I've never tried that pen before, and I am curious to know what your experience is in the long term.

  12. I love the pioneer outfit. She looks adorable. Your pink and white quilt is sweet. Hugs

  13. What a beautiful little quilt! I've used the air-disappearing markers with success, but occasionally had to re-mark my quilts when I didn't quilt them fast enough after marking.

  14. what a lovely charity quilt! so thoughtful and it will be well loved. Don't have any experience with that pen and I also always wash my quilts.
    I guess I have to visit your blog to see snow.

  15. Gorgeous result for a donation quilt. It looks lovely.
    Yes, I often wonder if these markers leave a trace that is visible over time, too.

  16. What a beautiful quilt. Someone will cherish it for sure. I used to use those disappearing markers in the 80's and then one day I found that the marks came back after several washes and I never used one again. I do believe the formula has changed over the years and they are probably very safe now. I use the blue wash away markers now but only on quilts I know I will wash often.

  17. Lovely little quilt for a sweet baby girl!

  18. Oh, I so agree that simple is best. It's just the sweetest quilt! I haven't used those markers before. Your quilting looks so pretty.

  19. I read an article once that stated the chemical in the marker stays in the fabric unless it is rinsed or washed out with cold water. That's what I do and I've had no problems (so far).

  20. Such a cute pioneer girl! And a sweet baby quilt. Lovely quilting!