Friday, January 31, 2020

January Mini

January, 2020
 has used up all the cloudy days 
that Colorado usually has for the entire year.

So when the sun 
finally came out today,
it was the perfect day
to take my quilt outside 
and share my January Mini.

Winter Blues
33" x 33"

The pattern is adapted 
from Betsy Chutchian's design
found in the 2020
That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar.

I had only a yard of that wonderful large print,
also from Betsy's Eliza's Indigo collection,
so it is smaller than the original and with less hst's.
Isn't it all about making do?

I love the rich indigo blues that I pulled from my stash to 
use in the blocks.

The blocks were done before I left on my trip,
but once I was home, it gave me an
opportunity to reconnect with my
sewing room.

Sometimes, I hate to admit, that I get
weird things that pop up in my head.

I decided to machine quilt my free hand, organic feathers
in the center square, triangles and border.

They're not perfect, but I love stitching them.

The phrase "full figured" kept spinning in my head
as I tried to make each plume plump and rounded.

That lead me to remember the
ads that Jane Russell use to do
for Playtex, way back when.

Anyone else remember this?

I guess it takes whatever it takes
to get the results you want

to make it look perfect
under that blue Colorado sky.

Connect with Wendy at her blog
to see what other perfect minis were
finished in January. 

Until Next Time-


  1. Lovely! I wouldn't mind some of that blue sky, either. 😊

  2. Fantastic finish, such a lovely use of your indigo prints.

  3. Gorgeous Kyle, I love that border print. The beautiful setting certainly compliments the quilt wonderfully.

  4. That gorgeous blue sky is the perfect backdrop for a beautiful blue mini! Your feathers look great - very full figured :0) Your center wreath is lovely - and freehand - wow!

  5. Beautiful. I, too, love the fabrics you chose. No one would ever notice any imperfections in your quilting. Excellent job, Kyle!

  6. This is such an inspiring post to me, Kyle. I have that calendar hanging in my sewing room, but it would never have occurred to me just do 4 blocks. Yours is stunning! So I hurried to look at my calendar because a fabric I have came to mind as being perfect for this pattern, but I may only ever get one block made. Still, I want to try, because I love yours so much!
    Got a giggle from the "full-figured" reference on your feather plumes. Yes, I recall the Jane Russell ads. I guess that dates us. :)

  7. Kyle precioso mini ¡¡me encanta!!
    Recuerdo el anuncio, lo mejor es que en mi juventud trabaje en una tiendo de Lencería ( ropa interior)
    Yo vendía los Playtex, no podía utilizarlos, mis senos son demasiado pequeños.

  8. Lovely finish on your mini. And the photos do look delightful under the blue sky.

  9. Well, I guess I need to take a closer look at my calendar! Your mini is just beautiful (and I'm not just saying that because it's blue--lol!). I love that large print and you showed it off perfectly.

  10. It is wonderful! Yeah for a finish!

  11. Seeing your photos, I can just "feel" that crisp wonderful dry Colorado winter air - love it. Sky! Your mini is so pretty, and your quilting just makes it!! I used to do a lot of free motion - must try to get back to that!

  12. A fabulous finish Kyle !! Thank you for the gorgeous pics !!

  13. The blue larger size print made a beautiful small quilt. I have been so in love with Betsy's fabrics. I have a stash of them waiting for time to play with them.

  14. Really beautiful Kyle. You were wise to adjust the pattern to the fabric that you had - it is a show stopper.

  15. Your quilt is (not simply, for sure!) BEAUTIFUL! I love the blue Colorado skies too; wish I could go see them again. I always enjoy your blog posts. ---"Love"

  16. Now I'll think "full figured" when I see feathers. Oh that gave me a chuckle! Those ads were controversial back in the day!
    Your Winter Blues is just lovely. Perfect color and theme for January.
    great outdoor photos. I especially like the fence photo

  17. Your little quilt does express the beauty of your state. Glad the blue skies are back. Clouds are so depressing!

  18. Lovely use of your blues. Whatever works is what I say. If Full Figured Feathers are what you wanted, then it looks like it worked perfectly.:)

  19. Spectacular mini! Perfect for January! I do remember that ad. Jane Russell was quite a hoot! Thanks for another great little quilt. I think I have everyone linked now. I'm so thankful to have so much company with these this month!

  20. Wonderful finish - I love the fabrics!
    And yes, I remember those Jane Russell ads. Full-figured plumes will now be stuck in my head! :-)

  21. What a wonderful Colorado January mini. As always your photos are awesome! Love your full-figured feathers. Funny how that Jane Russell ad helped take you to the finish line. Love it!