Saturday, February 15, 2020

I Haven't the Foggiest

I woke up the other day
to a very foggy morning. 
It seemed unusual with it being so
cold and frosty.

As the sun rose a little more

the fog slowly began to disappear
and the world became a little clearer. 

But then I came to the realization
I didn't have the foggiest idea of
what to work on today!

It wasn't the fact that there wasn't
anything to do.
It was, I just couldn't focus on
any one particular thing.

Has that happened to you?

I realized it was
 just going to be a slow kind of day.
And if that were the case,
then, slow needed to be
 simple and easy.
Nothing wrong with that.

A few days before I had finished machine quilting
my last year's leaders and enders project.
(which I'll share next time)
Why not...hmmm.
Sew a couple strips together = SIMPLE.

That seemed easy enough.

Okay. I might as well, sew the binding on,
although, that required, pressing the binding,
 putting on the walking foot
and clearing enough work space = NOT SO SIMPLE

Maybe tonight with some TV watching 
and a binding to sew down
that might be enough
 to dissipate the fog.
We'll see.

Until Next Time-


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to help clear the fog Kyle. LUV what I'm seeing of your quilt! Looking forward to seeing more of it.

  2. I love your photos of the fog and snow. Hugs

  3. Love the brown scrappy binding! And I'll take the lovely foggy morning over the -15 degrees we have this morning! Looking forward to seeing the results of your latest efforts.

  4. I definitely have days like that. Sometimes we just get stuck. It looks like you found focus and got a task accomplished ar any rate.

  5. I like your foggy pictures - we so seldom get fog it seems a little bit magical to me. I'm excited to see your leader and ender project! It looks gorgeous from the little glimpse you've shown :0) Clearing work space can be tricky around here too. I hope the hand sewing is relaxing and enjoyable.

  6. Even though the sun is shining brightly here today, your words described my head and brain exactly today! I'm in a deep fog, and really just don't want to do anything. A friend called just now and asked me to go to Hobby Lobby with her, and I declined. Since I can't take myself anywhere anymore, that was probably a mistake, but I just didn't want to go today. Probably missed my last chance for a while. Oh, well. ---"Love"

  7. Your foggy photos are so dream like . . . A soft a silent world.

  8. Kyle preciosas fotos, me encanta la niebla si no tenemos que viajar.
    tu trabajo se ve bonito, espero impaciente ver el final
    Buen domingo

  9. Foggy days happen, outside and in your mind..... I know I have them!

  10. To get a binding attached when you have fog inside and out is a huge accomplishment, in my book. Good job!

  11. I enjoyed seeing the fog-covered snow - so different from our drippy foggy swampy landscape! I've had foggy brain plenty this year. Glad to see you found something to help clear the fog!

  12. Oh I love those fog photos. they would offer great inspiration for a quilt.
    I love doing binding. Because it means you'll have a finished quilt soon. I also find it relaxing to sew down.

  13. Beautiful photos of a winter fog! It's good to slow down. Possibly your body is telling you to do some hibernating this winter. If so, enjoy the rest!

  14. I never knew fog could be so beautiful. I often find myself in a fog, but luckily always have something to pull out and stitch. Looks like you found the perfect thing!

  15. Oh my goodness, beautiful photos. I don't know if I've ever seen fog when I've visited Colorado. The sneak peak of your log cabin - love it, look forward to seeing the whole thing!

  16. Lovely photos of your foggy. It would have been very easy to just sit and watch the view!
    Well done getting on to the binding.

  17. I can definitely relate to that--I have a lot of days when I don't know where to begin. I had a day like that yesterday and did the same thing--bindings. It is a lot more than just cutting strips--lol!

  18. Nothing better than sitting in you comfy chair with some slow stitching! But sometimes that takes some prep time. Lovely photos of the fog.

  19. Perfect way to navigate through the fog. I love a little slow hand work to help get the subconcious perked up again.:)