Saturday, February 29, 2020

A February Mini

Happy Leap Day!

The end of February 
means it's time  
 to share my
monthly mini.

It seemed the common theme this month
for many of us was redo, reuse or recycle.

My, not too mini log cabin quilt,

"Log House-1973"
42" x 42"

was a year long 
Leaders and Enders project
using 1.25" strips 
cut from various projects.

I arranged the precut light and dark 
pieces on a
labeled flannel board

so it was easy to pick up and sew.

As I worked on other things
throughout the year,
the log cabin blocks were continually being made.

I quilted in the ditch
just to add texture,

which isn't as easy as it sounds.
If you've done it before, you know
what I mean. 
 Blink, and you've jumped out.


The reason I called this 
"Log House-1973"
is because the first house 
Running  Man and I lived in
as a married couple was a 
log cabin owned by the state of Colorado
way way out in "no where" on 
the Western slope in an area 
known as the Piceance Basin. 

It was quite the beginning,
log house and all.

We just got back from a little
mini trip up to the
 YMCA of the Rockies
in Estes Park, Colorado.

It 's a great place to stay
and enjoy the mountain scenery.

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Until Next Time-


  1. Log Cabin quilts are my favorite. Your photos are great. Hugs

  2. What a great story to go along with your lovely mini. I hope you include a bit of the story with a photo of your cabin on the label. I love how so many of our quilts tell a unique story that holds so many memories.

  3. You should place a picture of your current home next to your first home. What a neat way to start out your married life.
    I love log cabin style quilts. I have been thinking of making another for quite a while. I just recently bought some paper piece pattern packs from Fat Quarter Shop and plan on doing it that way. Just not enough hours in the day to do all I want to work on.

  4. That is my favorite layout of log cabin blocks, and your colors are absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed the little trip to the Western slope; wish I could go back sometime, but that won't happen. Loved seeing all the pretty pictures! ---"Love"

  5. Very cute quilt and you got some great pictures. I need to get the leaders and enders habit.

  6. Lovely log cabin, such a versatile block and a great idea to use as a leaders and enders!

  7. Beautiful log cabin quilt! I like how you organized your pieces for sewing. I bet that was an adventure living in that log cabin. I have lived in a few when my DH worked in logging. Did you have running water? Or electricity?

  8. Oh it's a lovely finish and I love your way of organizing the strips. Long ago that's how I made log cabins but somewhere along the line I switched to sew, trim, sew trim. I like your pink centers. Love those YMCA kiddos! And your first home - wow, that is so cool!

  9. The log cabin quilt stitched with traditional prints is perfect for paying homage to your beginning - back in the day. I have been to Estes Park many years ago while on vacation. A beautiful area that we enjoyed visiting.

  10. Kyle me encanta tu historia y tu perfecta colcha.
    Bonito y emocionado recuerdo.

  11. Your quilt is gorgeous !! Log cabin quilts are one of my favorite...
    I have made the same quilt with pieces of my stash last year !! Not quilted yet ... argh ! 😊

  12. What a wonderful story to go with your wonderful quilt. The photo with the YMCA kids is precious!

  13. Lovely log cabin quilt lived in a log cabin!!! Great story.

  14. Great mini quilt and mini story! Thanks for the little extra Colorado flavor!

  15. I love your little log cabin quilt, Kyle. Beautiful in its colorful scrappiness! Makes my heart sing.
    What a unique first home--I'll bet you have many stories to tell of your beginnings there.
    Very fun last photo.

  16. Such a gorgeous mini!! There is a lot of stitching in that little quilt with all of those logs. It's scrappy wonderful :0) I love the last photo - great prop!

  17. What a wonderful February mini! There's nothing like a Log Cabin quilt. You must have many fond memories of your first house. Was there anything nearby???? Fun YMCA sculpture for a photo shoot :)

  18. Oh Kyle this is sensational. I love the wonderful story as well. So sorry I was so late in posting. I ad it done just didn't get to the post until I got home this morning!

  19. Gorgeous result. Your not so mini log cabin is a great result from using scraps.

  20. I did a log cabin block in my first quilt. Need to make another one some day. It is such an awesome block. Love the log cabin you have lived in!

  21. Happy Leap Day - delayed.
    Your little log cabin is so wonderful. your contrast is spot on. Love all those creams and so many great fabric strings.
    That log cabin conjure images of little house on the prairie. What an adventure indeed.
    I visited Estes park in the 70s with my grandparents and hope to return one day. We had lunch during that visit at the Grand Lodge is was spectacular scenery on the drive.
    Love the sculpture. great photo