Monday, February 24, 2020

Off On a Tangent

What does a lime,
and Kermit the Frog 
have in common?

They love being GREEN.

Last week at my monthly quilt meeting
it was decided at the next meeting on March 17th,
for St. Patrick Day,
everyone should bring a GREEN quilt to share.

The decision was followed by lots of questions.
Does it have to be all green?
Could it be a Christmas quilt?
What size?
Could it be something other than a quilt?

Don't you love quilt meetings!

Later at home I took a quick visual inventory
and I came to the
complete realization that I
didn't have a predominately green quilt!

In fact, except in rare occasions
green is probably my least used color
except for appliqued leaves.
Who knew!!

So before Kermit could say,
"Hi, Ho, Kermit the Frog here,"
I was digging into
my "overflowth" basket of strips

pulling GREENS and lights. 

I needed some inspiration and
found it in Laundry Baskets book,

and this quilt.

I wasn't out to reinvent the wheel,
but to have fun sewing a GREEN quilt.

Sewing strips together 

and subcutting into
square units is the fast way to make a bunch
of simple 4 patches.

Swirling the seam allowances

make the centers lay nice and flat.

It didn't take long to
get the first block sewn.

Who knew a block
made up with lots of different shades
of green
could look so good.

So I'm off on my green tangent
keeping Kermit's thoughts in mind.

Until Next Time-


  1. Oh Kyle - LUV! This will be spectacular. I have to say that I love green but I think that the only green quilt to my name is my bow tie, God's Green Earth. It has yet to be quilted but I consider it a quilt anyway :D. Keep having fun with this.

  2. Being green is going to look good for your quilt. Hugs

  3. Green doesn't feature strongly in my quilts, either. But I had a big stack of them that needed to be whittled down, so I paired them with browns for a utility quilt. Ended up being one of my favorites! Have fun with yours, Kyle - I love that pattern. Are you going to do the center applique?

  4. Kyle esto sera muy bonito seguro.
    Verde es mi color favorito, siempre aparece verde en mis trabajos.
    Estoy acolchando mi gran colcha verde tormenta de mar, una amiga le puso nombre y me encanta
    (Sonidos del mar Cantábrico) Amo mi mar Cantábrico verde, quizás por eso es mi color.
    buen trabajo buena semana

  5. Thanks for my morning smile! Fist of all, Kermit is my favorite Muppet and I always enjoy seeing him. I know I do not have a green quilt in my collection either. Kudos to you for putting yours together for your group. Yes, meetings can be fun (and often exasperating - wink). I do feel I have to remind some of our members that quilting is supposed to be relaxing and fun, and I say with the utmost courtesy, "lighten up". I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished. Thanks to your inspiration, I might have to travel down the green road myself one day soon.

  6. Awesome! Scraps rule and you are making fast progress!!!!

  7. I love Kermit :0) I know I'm going to love your green quilt. It's such a pretty pattern and you have wonderful green scraps.

  8. I love green quilts, but you so rarely see them. I made one many moons ago for my in laws and it was a variation of Irish chain!

  9. Ooo, that's going to be so pretty!! I love Edyta though too often her quilts are way too complicated for me to get involved in!! I took a quilt cruise many years ago and Edyta was one of the teachers. She is so sweet and offered to put all our names in a hat (if we finished the quilt top in a certain time frame) and she would quilt the winner's quilt. She taught a tree of life class and I doubt I ever would've finished that quilt if not for her offer. I got mine finished but my name wasn't drawn but it is a finished quilt. The other from that cruise aren't done and probably never will be.

  10. I don't have a green quilt either. Blue/green but no green by itself. Hummmmmm .... maybe it is time to make one too!

  11. And I have way too many tries with green quilts.:) lol Yours is going to be very sweet! You just seem to have the knack of it already!

  12. Oh, I love this tangent of yours! How can you go wrong with gorgeous scraps like those?

  13. Lover how you decide to make a green quilt because you don't have any. It would take me weeks to figure out what I was going to make. I am sure it is going to be another pretty piece.

  14. Lovely choice! This should look good.

  15. Oh how fun. I LOVE your overflowing basket of scraps! I had to chuckle about your quilt meeting. You could have been describing many a guild meeting, I'd bet. Anyway your green project looks good!

  16. I used to watch the Muppet Show when I was a much silliness! :-) Love the green quilt you are stitching on! Laundry Basket quilts certainly is a great source for inspiration!

  17. Wheee! So much scrappy fun AND Kermit THE Frog! Maybe we should amend Mary Ellen Hopkins theory about all reds going we can include green, too. (speaking from experience - made a scrappy Trip Around the World quilt using all kinds of different green scraps)

  18. love your green four patches. I don't have a green quilt either really.
    Your scrap basket looks like very enticing.
    Love your kermit quotes and photos. You doesn't love Kermit?
    Can't wait to see your finished quilt.

  19. Would love to dive into a basket of scraps like that (as long as they aren't mine to start with). I use a lot of green in my quilts--maybe because it is a prominent color in my home. But nothing I have made in green is as cute as what you are making.

  20. I can think of one very small quilt that is green and it is just a single shamrock design. I use greens like you. Mostly for stems and leaves.
    The basket of scraps looks like a barrel of fun awaiting. I always think other quilters' scraps containers look much more interesting than anything I have that I consider scraps. We should just start a chain and send our scraps to the next person on the list.

  21. Like you I hardly ever use green in my quilts either except for stems and leaves. I love the quilt you're using for inspiration and know you will have it together in no time at all!

  22. Your green quilt is lovely and that is quite an introduction. I look forward to seeing it finished. I don't have a lot of green quilts either.