Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I Didn't Forget you!

If your Nana is a quilt maker,
then everyone should have at least
one special quilt  made just for them.

Well, I can finally say, I've done that.

This little sweetie pie

has a finished quilt just for her.

"Springtime in the Rockies"

The simple snowball block
was my leaders and enders project last year.

My color palette came from
the beautiful flowering crab apple
trees that you see covered with blossoms 
in the spring,

the delicate pinks,
creamy whites,
springtime greens
and the rich brown branches.

Of course, here in Colorado,

the spring time snows can eliminate 
those blossoms rather quickly.

The combination of those
ideas brought this quilt together

just for this little Colorado girl.

The 4 inch  blocks were laid out
 alternating a 
light center with dark corners
 and a dark center with light corners.

I machine quilted it
simply by outlining the blocks
and then adding a flower in all of the pink centered blocks.
I used a light pink 28 weight
Aurifil  thread.
Love that thread.

The borders

were pink tumblers
quilted with hearts.

The binding included a little
spring green flange, just as a reminder that
spring will come.

There's no way I could have forgotten
this little one,

but quilts take time to
stitch all that love into them.

Until Next Time-


  1. A beautifully sweet quilt for a little Valentine sweetie-pie!

  2. A very special quilt for a very special girl. Both are beautiful. Hugs

  3. Oh, so lovely .... quilt and granddaughter!

  4. What a wonderful gift! Nana's are special that's for sure.

  5. That is the sweetest thing for a sweet little punkin!
    Love the way you chose the colors, and incorporated the flowers quilted into the pink blocks. Very special, Kyle!

  6. Such a sweet little girl and a lovely quilt for her. Will you be showing the quilts you've made for the other grands?

  7. What a beautiful quilt for a beautiful little granddaughter! ---"Love"

  8. Such a sweet quilt for such a little sweetheart! And I love how you got the inspiration for the fabrics.

  9. Kyle preciosos pitufos y maravillosa foto !!
    Me encanta tu colcha, sus colores, sus bloque.
    Bola de nieve y vasos son algunos de mis favoritos

  10. Oh what an absolutely gorgeous quilt for an adorable grandaughter - she is a sweet-heart!

  11. That is such a special grandlittle crew you have there - and everyone with a quilt - perfect color choices for your dear granddaughter!

  12. It is lovely. A sweet quilt for a sweet, little girl.

  13. My goodness, those children have grown! Such a sweet quilt. Lucky little girl.

  14. This little girl is a sweetheart !!
    And your quilt for her absolutely gorgeous !
    I love a lot the first picture with you and your grand kids !! Beautiful !

  15. I don't know what is cuter your little granddaughter or the quilt you made for her! I love the soft girly pallet. She'll love to cuddle up with this for many year!
    I loved the first photo with your grands. What beautiful children.
    Pretty photo of the snow on the cherry blossoms. I always enjoy your photos and posts!

  16. Oh my goodness. Your granddaughter is so adorable. You made her a pretty quilt and I love the photo of you and the grands!

  17. That is a really pretty quilt. Great fabric choices and quilting designs. So sweet, just like your granddaughter. I have made a quilt for all of my family members too.

  18. You have such beautiful grandchildren! And that little sweetie of yours looks so happy on the quilt you made for her. Love the way that quilt materialized and the colors you used. It's so 'girly' and absolutely perfect!

  19. It's such a,lovely quilt Kyle! Such a sweet and pretty color palate (yes we often get snow on our applie blossoms too). The quilting you've done is lovely - the flowers especially look so nice. Your granddaughter is adorable and looks very happy sitting on her new quilt :0)

  20. So very sweet. I love a good scrappy snowball quilt! And your grandchildren are adorable. Makes me smile to see the picture of you with them all.:)

  21. Your granddaughter is a real sweetie!
    And the quilt is gorgeous. Beautiful colours. Love the reasons for selecting them. Your quilting is a lovely highlight for this quilt.
    I found the photo of the snow on the branches with the blossoms quite stunning.

  22. Precious quilt for an even more precious little girl!

  23. Such a pretty quilt, for an adorable granddaughter.

  24. What a wonderful quilt! Your inspiration was genius and the soft colors look amazing. I have purchased several spools of Aurifil 28 on your recommendation - can't wait to play with them!

  25. That is a darling quilt! I like the way you quilted it with flowers here and there.... I hope you don't mind if I steal that idea! :)

  26. Such a gorgeous quilt for your grand daughter and it looks like she loves it too!

  27. What a sweet quilt - love that palette - and how cute to quilt a flower in each pink square. Just a sweet quilt for a sweet girl. You clearly take joy in being a nana - it's inspiring (and something I look forward to).