Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What I've Been Up To

I confess.
Oh, it can be so easy to do.

What's taken my attention?

The One block Wednesday SAL
designed by Temecula Quilt Co.

I've been finding bits and pieces
of fabrics, cutting the pieces, and 
sewing these simple blocks.

The instructions are very good and
are designed for a faster approach, but
rather than making multiples of the same
combinations, I've been cutting individual blocks
from lots of different fabric scraps.

Much more time consuming,
but more to my liking.

To make the size quilt that
Sharon at Temecula Quilt Co. suggests
would require 360 blocks,
180 light and 180 dark.

The SAL has you make only 12 blocks
per week.
I've veered off  here too.  I'm sewing as many blocks
as I get cut during the week.

The one thing that I've been very careful 
to do is to press the diagonal seams
always towards the dark. 

 This allows
the seams to mesh when I'm sewing blocks 
side by side.

Well, I might have gotten sidetracked from other projects,
but I'm having great fun playing with scraps,
sewing on my featherweight,
and enjoying the process.

I hope you might get sidetracked sometime soon.
Let us know where it sends you.

We could use your help!

I've also been busy, online,
voting for my school teacher daughter, Jessica Wolfe,
who was nominated for 
"Northern Colorado's Tuesday Teacher Award".

It's quite the honor and there's a $500 award
for the school.  What school couldn't use that!
If you have a moment and feel inclined,
here's a couple link to some local radio stations
where you could add a vote or two for her.

You can vote on each link.
Just scroll down until
you see the place to "vote now".  

Until Next Time-


  1. These are cute blocks. I can see how they could take center stage.

  2. Such cute little blocks! And a ready made "mini" when you are done! I voted for your lovely daughter on all 5 sites and will go back again after an hour. Good luck!

  3. Fun to dig into your fabric and make scrappy blocks, and on your Featherweight!
    I voted on all five and will go back later. Best wishes to her, lucky students to have her.

  4. Oh, it's fun to see your little blocks Kyle. I have really been trying to resist but I can feel myself weakening day by day. I'll be sure to vote for your daughter and keep fingers crossed that she wins!

  5. Oh, if I needed another squirrel to add to the den(din?) I'd be making those cute little blocks! I voted and will get back later and vote again. Best of luck to her!

  6. Oh the distractions...we can all relate! A neat little stack of blocks and always fun to get reacquainted with bits and pieces of fabric scraps. Sweet Featherweight - sometimes it is so satisfying to just enjoy the simple, uncomplicated inventions. I recently started using mine again. Off to vote for your daughter...wishing her all the best!

  7. Kyle que divertido y rápido parece este nuevo edredón.
    Tus colores se ven muy alegres,sera otro bonito trabajo

  8. What a great diversion, I am so tempted to join in...yesterday I hand wrote the cutting I can see myself getting sidetracked this weekend too! Who doesn't need to use up some scrap and stash! n Your blocks look really cute.

  9. It's a sweet looking quilt and making it with scraps will make it even better!

  10. Fun looking project. At least you have only gotten sidetracked and not totally me :) I've been cross-stitching lately and not spending much time at the sewing machine but I hope to change that soon.

    I'll be happy to cast my vote for your daughter. Wishing her all the best!

  11. I love this! It will be so wonderfully scrappy :0) Good luck to your daughter.

  12. Those blocks have tempted me with their siren call, but this time I stuck in my ear plugs. So enjoy the process for both of us. They are looking good, and you are smart to pay attention to pressing "to the dark side".
    Voted on all sites--can vote again in an hour. She is a lovely young woman!

  13. Love the scrappy look of your new blocks! What a great project! I voted for your daughter and I hope she wins!!

  14. Super cute blocks. Yes. Distractions. . . :D

  15. these are fun little blocks. I have a few in my UFO drawer and they can be like eating peanuts. You want to try one more combination. Distractions are good and fun is the best!
    I'm off to vote for your daughter and happy to do it!

  16. Your little blocks are looking cute! I've been pressing my folded corners the same way as you are--always pays to think ahead--lol!

  17. That's a lot of blocks.Good luck with getting mountains made.
    I love distractions because they always seem more interesting than what you have planned.
    And best wishes to your daughter too.

  18. I love blocks that are good for scraps! One day I hope to get to my pile and start sewing the scraps away like you do!

  19. Cute blocks! I can see why you’ve been side tracked!

  20. What absolutely sweet blocks. I love that kind of sewing. Each little combo more charming than the last. I am currently sidetracked in all kinds of ways ha ha but mostly preparing to move (again). Happy to cast my vote - hope your daughter gets the award. Teachers are so under appreciated!