Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Flash Back to the 90's

A couple times a year 
I put together a photo book of 
the quilts that I've made in previous years.

It requires finding old photos,
looking through my quilting journals,
or retaking some better photos
of the quits I still have.

We each have our own past.
This is my history.
Oriole Circles

Hand quilted and paper pieced.

This month I've been documenting 
my quilts from the 1999-1995.

It's interesting to see what I was working on and
to see the changing variables such as styles, colors, 
and designer influences.

The 90's were a time when I was making 
quilts that generally fell into 5 categories.

1. Quilts for the family

The Real Sunbonnet Sue
Hand appliqued and hand quilted

Sunbonnet Sue loved doing 
lots of different things.
She was her own person.

My girls were still at home and 
everyone needed and wanted quilts.

Noah's Ark

Debbie Mumm's fabric designs
were still very popular.

2.  Quilts for classes

I started working in a LQS in 1994, but
had been teaching classes years before that
so there was always the need to come up with
 new ideas for classes.

Bear Lake
(fusible applique)

Wear Warm Clothes
(applique and piecing techniques)

Both patterns by Country Threads

3. Quilt block exchanges

Farmer's Daughter

Of course,
block exchanges are still popular.

The quilters I exchanged blocks with
are the dear friends I still see on a regular basis.
Fabric is so abundant, but you can't buy it all,
so exchanges are a wonderful idea.

 Bears Raid
 Friend's Plaid Stashes

I still love those plaid hst's. 

Paper Bag Stars

I called this my "paper bag" quilt because
 Moda marbles were becoming very popular and
the tan background was just the same shade as a 
brown paper bag.

4. Quilts Made to Sell

My business name was Timeless Reflections
and I made quilts for customers start to finish
or hand quilted tops.

Many were like this.

 I sold them
to designers in Denver
for Show Homes.
Size and colors were the important things
to fit the space and decor.


The other project I was involved in 
was with a group of friends
and we made small wall quilts to sell at
craft fairs.

We called ourselves the Material Girls
and had a great time together.

5.  Just for Me

25th Wedding Anniversary Quilt

Hand pieced and hand quilted

Red and White Double T's

Looking back can be very interesting.
Some years were more productive than others.
Some of the quilts have gone on
to other homes, some quilts I still love,
and others...not so much.
I guess it's just the natural cycle.
It's nice to see where you've been
and how it's influenced you as to where
you are today.

One thing is important though.
Taking the time to document and,
of course, label your work.
It's your history.
 Until Next Time-


  1. It's so fun to see how our quilts evolved through the years, and good that all your quilts were photographed. There are no photos of my earliest quilts (maybe better for all that way!), but now I'm doing a book every year or two. I especially love your bear-paw and anniversary quilts! The hand quilting on your 25th anniversary quilt is fabulous! Thanks for sharing all these treasures.

  2. That is a great idea! I have a binder with all my quilts recorded but to have your quilts in book form is a good idea to browse through and see all your quilts for a certain period of time. You have an interesting quilt past. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh I love looking back through your quilting journey. It is fun to see how trends have changed. Your early quilts are delightful! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. What an amazing quilting history you have!! I love to see every single one of your quilts...just so pretty! I remember Wear Warm Clothes....there was a fabric line, named that. That is the first time I knew there was such a thing as a fabric line!!

  5. Your quilt history is full of beautiful and amazing quilts, Kyle. Thank you for sharing, very inspiring.

  6. Wow...I'm very impressed with your quilting history. You have made some really beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing your photos. Hugs

  7. You have an impressive quilting history, Kyle! So many surprises and delights here!
    I especially like the Farmer's Daughter and the plaid Bear's Paw quilts.
    Your Anniversary quilt is awesome!

  8. What a rich and beautiful history of quilts you've created! They are all treasures!

  9. Thanks for the gallery of quilts, what a lovely way to view your past life, through your quilts. I just started quilting in the 90's and was not very productive, so fun to see some of the trends that I adored but never made.

  10. I love to see the quilts from your past - so many delightful projects! My first quilt made in 1998 was a Bears Paw quilt so much like yours they look like they could have been made from the same patten. Oriole Circles is gorgeous!! I also adore your 25th anniversary quilt - what marvellous quilting! Your quilts are lovely - I'm so glad you shared them :0)

  11. What a wonderful overview of your 90 quilts! I love the whole collection especially the bear paw plaid quilt and the the pink oreo quilt. The folk art quilts are so charming too.
    Thanks for giving us such a nice Private Quilt Show.

  12. Kyle disfrute esta entrada.
    ¡¡Maravillosos edredones todos ellos!!
    Gracia spor compartir tu historia

  13. You've made a lot of really pretty quilts that will be appreciated for years to come as they are passed down through your family. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. ---"Love"

  14. Wow! Loved seeing your quilts from the 90s. You are so talented! I'm partial to Bears Raid just because it's the scrappiest :) Thanks for a wonderful show-and-tell!

  15. Wonderful quilt legacy. Great idea to document them in a book. Each one is special thanks for sharing!

  16. Such a fun post seeing your own “history” of quilts made...many I recognize from those wondrous early 1990’s when quilt shops took off and folk art/primitives were so popular. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Wear Warm Clothes as a group of us did an exchange of each block was a big success and those same people are still dear friends. Your Oriole Circles is wonderful!!

  17. You made some amazing quilts over the year's! You could do some trunk shows. So much to see and tell about the quilts.

  18. I think that's what I like best about blogging--the history and journal of all the quilts along the journey. Course I missed all the early years, but still, like you said, the influences and where we end up? So very interesting! Love that first quilt especially. So very sweet.:)

  19. It is fascinating to look at our quilts over time. So much changes with styles and fabrics but it is a wonderful trip down memory lane.

  20. Oh my! What fun to revisit your quilting history. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  21. Oh wow so many beautiful quilts! I love that you are documenting them a couple times each year! I have been meaning to put together a book of my quilts - it would probably just take one book! What information do you add to your books about the quilt?

  22. It is so wonderful you are doing this, wow, you have made so many quilts! Puts me to shame! I particularly love your Oriole Circles quilt , such a special pattern, I have never seen that before and love the colors and fabrics you used. And I love the Wedding Anniversary quilt, 2 color quilts are a favorite of mine (will I ever make one?) and again, the way this block (another fav of mine ) is placed is just great. What a wonderful blogpost. You are a great quilter.

  23. Wow! So many wonderful quilts! Your books are a great way to chronicle your quilting story. I love so many of them I won’t list them. I made a Sunbonnet Sue for a granddaughter about the same time.

  24. I have the book with the "Wear Warm Clothes" quilt laying out. Have wanted to make that quilt for years and years. Lori showed her version on her blog recently and it reminded me again about the design. Will I make it this year?? I can't see me finding time to but the want is there.

  25. Enjoyed your post of many quilts