Monday, January 28, 2019

January Blues

There have been times
when I have found January
a long deary month.

But as I've gotten older,
January, like every month,
seem to go by too fast.

So here it is the end of the month
and time to share 
 my monthly mini challenge

January Blues
23" x 27"

Like most new projects,
it starts with looking through the stash
for just the right fabrics,

shades of blues  and 
blue and white shirtings.

Then some hst's trimmed with

Sometimes this 6" block is call Anvil.
I made half the blocks with
a light background 
and the other half with a dark background
and set them side by side.

This simple design
is pleasing to look at on a blue January morning
casting shadows across the snow.

The cold winter weather
has a different outlook
when fabrics and colors
come together
to chase away the January Blues.

Until Next Time-


  1. A perfect little quilt for January! Those blues and whites are what I see every January day when I look out my window at the blue water surrounded by snow and ice. I love it! I will be posting on Wednesday and will link this little gem!

  2. Such a darling winter quilt. Love the pictures in the snow with the Mountains in the background.

  3. The colors in your quilt go perfectly with the winter landscape. I love blues and whites they look so crisp and fresh. Spring is getting closer each day . . . I hope none of us experience anything like that vintage photo, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, now that's a blizzard.
    Stay warm, sweet friend.

  4. A very nice little quilt Kyle !
    Congratulations !

  5. Kyle perfecta tu colcha azul para enero.
    Bonitas fotos. tu edredón y la nieve.
    Buena semana

  6. Wow, those are stunning photos. Perfect quilt for the snowy backdrop.

  7. So sweet. We have almost as much snow as you. Hugs

  8. Your colors are perfection for this month of cold, ice and snow...well done as always and a great photo series!

  9. A gorgeous setting for your beautiful quilt, just perfect for January's cold and blustery weather.

  10. So pretty hanging on the fence! Great job!

  11. Beautiful blue and white is just perfect for winter and making a combination of the blocks really adds to the wow factor.

  12. It is very calm and beautiful, Kyle. Blue and white together can't be beat, IMHO. And very clever, switching the value placement and alternating the blocks. Nice effect.
    What a gorgeous backdrop you have for your quilt photos!

  13. Pretty quilt and great name, so apt. I hope you are managing to keep indoors and warm (when not taking photos of quilts) in this cold weather.

  14. January can be a tough month to get through, especially this past one which for us has been bitterly cold at times, but you've found the perfect solution. The most difficult month for me is often November.

  15. Love your mini quilt! And the scenery is gorgeous too! Yes...even winter looks pretty where you live! :-)

  16. Oh, my favourite colour! Lovely quilt.

  17. Ooooh! what amazing photos. Love how you style your quilt photography.
    Your blue and white mini is just perfect for January. I love the mix of the blocks. It makes a great composition.
    My January buzzed by too!

  18. This is a very nice little quilt. I love the way you reversed the blocks...great design.

  19. Love your photos--and your quilt, of course! Blue and white is such an appealing combination. Great idea to alternate light and dark blocks! February's just around the corner :)

  20. Beautiful and even more beautiful set against a back drop of the winter landscape!

  21. Do you have several bloc-loc rulers? I have read about them in the past but I don't know what size would be the best to purchase.

  22. Such a lovely blue and white quilt! I love your outdoor pictures with the gorgeous sky as backdrop.

  23. This is a delightful mini. And the blues look lovely against the snow.

  24. Love this little mini--perfect winter-y quilt! I am so ready for spring though--I don't ever remember it being this cold--not the best dog walking weather!

  25. The colors of a winter scene - crisp and cool - that moody Western landscape - I love it!