Wednesday, January 2, 2019

December's Mini Challenge

It was a wonderful holiday season.

and the new year has officially begun.

Like many others,
I've started my list for 2019.
Both with new starts and the usual projects to finish,
but intentionally I've left plenty of
open spaces for the ideas that might find their
way to my sewing room
during the year.

I'm finally able to share my last quilt for 2018.
My December mini,
 part of my
year long challenge with Wendy, Barbara,
Janet, Randy, and Pat.

What a delightful challenge.
throughout the year.

"Christmas Hope"
31" x 31"

I had been in the mood for some applique, but
nothing fussy or too small.

It's hard to tell,
but there are 4 different fabrics for the background.
This is a 27 inch antique applique block that
was machine appliqued

using matching Invisfil thread and
a variable overlock stitch reversed.
It was quick and easy, especially with such large pieces
that had been prepped using the  freezer paper
and starch method.
This method closely mimics hand applique.

I wasn't going to add a border,
but then it seemed to need a simple sawtooth frame.

It didn't take long to
machine quilt it with a simple grid.

with a few little extras on the applique pieces.

Red and green was perfect
for the holiday season
and looked great displayed.

How do you like it
set on point?

It changes the look of the block.

Are you ready to join in the fun for 2019?

Check out Wendy's blog for the rules.
There are no rule!

What will you make for January?

Until Next Time-


  1. It's perfect! What a wonderful finish for 2018. The hst border really pops! I'm really looking forward to 2019. Happy New Year, Kyle!

  2. OH I love it! So very pretty...are you doing minis again this year?

  3. I love this mini, especially when set on point! A perfect backdrop for it too. I'm hoping to keep up with you gals making minis this year, time will tell. Happy New Year!

  4. Oh Kyle !! What a beautiful mini to end 2018 ! Congratulations !
    Happy new year ! :)

  5. Perfect way to top off 2018 - your December mini is a delight with its classic colors and appliqued design. Well done Kyle and looking forward to 2019 as well!

  6. What a pretty little last quilt of 2018! You have accomplished a lot this year!
    No goals here, I just keep enjoying the apllique I am working on and the quilting of my Beauty all around. Besides that I will try to do some machine projects too. No time to get bored! Have a wonderful and creative 2019!

  7. What a beautiful quilt. I love how you machine appliqued it. Hugs

  8. It's absolutely wonderful Kyle!! I bet it looks beautiful displayed with your holiday decorations. The Sawtooth border is the perfect finish for your gorgeous block! I look forward to following along with your quilty adventures in 2019 :0)

  9. Wow this is gorgeous! A super finish to the old year and start of the new year! I think it is a great idea to save some space in the goals for new projects. I tend to overfill my space then feel guilty when I let anything else crowd in front in line.

  10. I absolutely love your little (not so little) quilt. It is one of my favorite patterns and the classic coloring is perfection itself.
    The sawtooth border finishes it just right.
    I'm joining the mini fun "officially" for 2019. I'll be making a modern mini a month. Fun
    Happy New Year!

  11. Squeal!! Oh how I love this!! I will link it up with the post now. I'm looking forward to seeing what minis 2019 brings!

  12. So, so pretty, Kyle! I especially love it on point.
    The lack of rules is what I love about Wendy's SAL! :)

  13. The sawtooth border is the perfect touch! Love this little quilt. Very charming.:)

  14. This is a beautiful mini, Kyle. I love everything about it but especially the border.

  15. Happy New Year to you and yours! Beautiful quilt!

  16. Oh yes—those border triangles are the perfect finishing touch—beautiful! Happy New Year!

  17. I just love this - it’s so graphic and pretty. (I use the same method for appliqué - works well.) It’s pretty on point too. It’s never occurred to me to hang a quilt on point. I’m planning to join in on Wendy’s QAL too for 2019. Happy New Year!

  18. That is a lovely quilt! I admire your machine applique skills. I am really mostly a hand stitcher, do not do a lot on the machine, so I admire those with more than just the basic skills (like me). I love the freshness of this quilt. Happy New Year!

  19. What a wonderful way to finish off your year - it sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed the mini challenge, and now you have all those beauties to enjoy. Happy New Year, Kyle!

  20. Your mini is wonderful! I like the colors oh so much. Was this your own design or a pattern? I need one.

  21. Beautiful! Sawtooth is a perfect border choice for this it! Happy New year!

  22. I love it! Hooray for machine applique!

  23. Beautiful quilt! It`s good for Christmas and other times of the year. And yes, the sawtooth border really sets it off.

  24. You blow my mind with your work . . . always perfection.
    You inspire me to do better, thanks :)

  25. It is a lovely mini and a great finish. Now the way is clear for all the new ideas in 2019.

  26. Lovely project, anyway you decide to hang it.
    A new year, and the promise of new projects....looking forward to seeing what you do.
    Happy New Year!