Thursday, January 17, 2019

Strings are the Thing for 2019

There are many of us who
have gotten all tangled up with strings.

Is  2019 
the year of the string quilts?

String quilts are not a new technique or idea.
Quilter have been making this style for a long time,
using up colorful strips of fabrics in a variety of widths,
on different size and shape foundations,
and either random or planned.
Talk about making a quilt uniquely yours.

I admit, I have been excited about
starting my 2019 string quilt.

There are some great resources 
available if you are interested in learning more.
Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville has a new book, String Frenzy,
as well as, Diane Knotts of Buttlerfly Threads Quilting
and her new book
Scrap Quilts Secrets.

And I'm super excited because a
copy of Diane's lovely book is heading my way!

Also Moda has a string-along going and
so does Lori at Humble Quilts.

But here are few things that  I've learned
since starting my blocks.

1.  Deciding what foundation to use is important.

Which one you choose does make a difference.

Try it first.

I opted to go with the muslin foundation.
Too lazy to tear away the paper
and the fabric foundation has a nice feel.

And besides, I have about 10 yards
 of muslin laying around from before
the turn of the century.

2.  String quilts are like potato chips...addictive!
Once I started sewing blocks
 I've hardly been able to stop.

My goal is 100  eight inch blocks.
I'm already up to 65!

This is fast,
easy sewing,

no matching,
no planning other than the fact
that I'm placing a neutral across the middle.

Trim the block

and you're done!

3.  Empty bobbins

This kind of sewing makes it easy to
empty all those  bobbins filled with different colored threads.

Why not use up some spools of threads
you're not in love with anymore.


You'll have more string stuck on you
than on the blocks you make.

5.  A Stash buster?

Well, I'm not sure if I've actually
used up many different fabrics, but
I have cut a lot of strips.

It definitely  makes a mess pulling out
lots of old favorites and not so favorite pieces.

Have you become a part of
the string revival thing?
If not, it might be time to start!

Until Next Time-


  1. Your string blocks are looking great! Since you're using muslin as a backing will you also use batting in your quilt or just use backing fabric? I'm planning to experiment with making use of used dryer sheets as a foundation and see how that goes. I hate tearing off phone book paper but love string quilts, so hopefully that will be a viable option.

  2. You are on a roll .... you'll have the rest of those blocks needed in no time at all.

  3. I started a similar string quilt about a decade ago, and I could dig that out and join the fun on occasion, but I will not be starting a new project for this. My center strip is an old Thimbleberries black print. I have them all cut, so I guess mine will be done when I run out of those, because there is no more of that fabric on the face of the earth. Maybe I exaggerate. :)

  4. 65 out of 100 - you speedster :0) I'm glad it's going well :0) No black pants - lol

  5. Really eager to start a string quilt. I like the idea of fabric backer, but could a poly-cotton be used. I have several pieces of that I need to use up

  6. I love your blocks and how you laid out the choices. I string with no foundation, but I have done one where I only put strings on 1/2 the block for a 1/2 sq triangle effect. That was a fun one. Yes, they seem to be back in flavor right now, I have a big one 85 x 85 next in line for longarm quilting for one of my customers.

  7. I have seen so many string related projects out on the web lately. I certainly have a ton of scraps that I think could be turned into strings...just don't have the time to press, sort by color and trim. Maybe before the frenzy is over?

  8. Ive made many string quilts over the years, and always use a paper foundation. Tearing off the paper isn't a problem for me because I sew with a short stitch. I hand quilt and there's no way I could quilt through so much thickness if I used a fabric foundation. As for using up the scraps ~ they always seem to multiple. lol

  9. Kyle suena divertido.
    Siempre utilizo muselina o vlieseline, no me gruta coser en papel
    quizás porque mis costura es a mano?

  10. That looks awesome! A great way to get rit of your scraps and thread leftovers!

  11. It's good that I can read such a great post. I like to browse your blog. You can get a lot of inspiration from your blog. Thanks for sharing these messages with us.
    Regards, ctnbee

  12. I've too much going to seriously participate, but I will probably make a mini string for Wendy's mini sal.
    I like batiste for foundation piecing, but muslin is good too, just a little thicker.
    It will be fun to see your project take shape!
    love those silly kittens! Happy Friday

  13. I love what you're doing with those strings and can't believe you've already made 65 blocks! You are definitely on a roll! I'm into strings, too, and chose to use muslin for the foundation. Great idea to use up all those different colored threads. Had to laugh not to wear black pants. I've been known to do that especially on days when I go to the Y and I'm wearing black yoga pants, lol!

  14. I'm stringing along with Lori as well but must admit I haven't gone far. I am in awe of your progress. 65 Blocks already!! I've never been one to use paper (way too lazy to tear out the paper) so I am happy to hear you like the muslin method. I am doing mine in the potholder method (big surprise), but I going to experiment with the bindings to see if I can do the entire thing by machine. It will be my first so we shall see. Thanks for spurring us all on!

  15. I would have to cut strings to participate. It has been tempting but have resisted thus far. I think I would go with the paper as I don't like the extra bulk in the seams when it comes to pressing. I attempted to make some star blocks with centers made with selvedge edges. I did not like the bulk.

  16. Oh you are so right about not wearing black pants! Strings are addictive and I like using muslin foundation. Can't wait to see where yours lead.

  17. Nice progress I mean wow, 65 blocks already and we are still in January! Yes it’s so addictive! I too am using muslin as my foundation. It is so satisfying to square up my little blocks!

  18. I agree! It's time we ALL tried a string quilt! I've been thinking about making one in all shirtings....and using the muslin as foundation...with only a light (flannel or no) batting...great for a Spring quilt! :-) Mmmm....yes....need to finish my Winter Blessings quilt first! ;-)

  19. I have always loved string quilts, so I'm so happy to see more folks giving them a try this year. Can't wait to see your string project!

  20. That is a very appealing challenge. Love the look of string blocks but have only made one quilt with them. Loved it at the time.
    Looks like you could end up with quite a few.

  21. Such fun, fast sewing and your blocks look great!

  22. Some great tips in this post! I think if I made another string quilt, I might use muslin, it would make a heavier, warmer quilt. 65 blocks done!I look forward to seeing your lay out.

  23. I love this post and your 5 points of advice. It's so nice when you can learn from others and not have to live it out through Murphy's Law, LOL. I'm going to start making blocks. I have times when I want to sew, but don't really have an idea for a project. Making and piling up these blocks would be a great project for those times. Thanks :)

  24. Strings are definitely the thing this year! Gonna squeeze some in and make a very basic string quilt just cuz I've been wanting to forever! Love all the enthusiasm.:)

  25. Not wearing black pants is my favorite tip--lol! I'm trying to resist doing the string sew along--so many fun choices going around and too many UFO's in my sewing room!

  26. I'm a little late to your post but have also been participating in all the string fun for 2019. I'd like to offer one more foundation option: very lightweight (sew-in) interfacing. I bought some (Pellon Featherweight) when I read about it on someone's blog post a few years back (which of course I can't find right now). I'm using phone book paper for my project right now but hopefully there will be an opportunity to try it out in another project this year.