Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Bear Chase

 It was almost 90 degrees
last Saturday.
Way too warm for the end of September.

But despite the predicted scorching weather,
Running Man and about 50 other
crazy Ultra marathon runners took to the trails
to run the 50 mile Bear Chase Trail Run
held in Morrison, Co.

 It's always an early start for
these races.

Even before the sun comes up.

Here's me and my little spot for the
long day.

Running Man's race was for 50 miles, but
there were also runners doing a 100K, (62 miles)
and a 50 K (31 miles)
Ready, Set, Go!
Look at all those crazy people.

The course was a 12.5 mile loop,
which made my job as the CREW pretty easy.
 I just stayed in one spot and waited
for Running Man to show up.

The course was through open fields

 and through creeks

With the temp around 90 degrees

everyone was trying to stay cool
by dumping water over themselves.

Not a cloud in the sky
or a tree for shade.

Some of the crews had great set up with
tents and BBQ grills.

Remember my little set up?
Some of the younger groups must have felt
sorry for this older crew person and
invited me in under the shade.
Good thing, because I would have fried!

So what do you do for about 11 hours
while your runner is
 hopefully avoiding bears?

You sit and stitch,
 an embroidery by Crabapple Hill, called Autumn.
Hard to see the design,
but look what I had done by the end of Running Man's race.

Running Man was a superhero

and crossed the finish line in 10 hours, 34 minutes.

He looks a little spent,
needless to say,
but he was first in his age group, 60+,
and 16th over-all.

What do you win?
and bragging rights.

It was a good day
and a good run

despite the heat.
Easy for me to say!

Until Next Time-


  1. Wow 50 miles is amazing! Congratulations to Running Man!

  2. Beautiful embroidery! Running Man is amazing!

  3. Impressive, the run and the stitching! Looking forward to Saturday's cool off.

  4. Holy Cow, he is awesome and so are you super fan. Pretty day and pretty setting to do some autumn stitching. Glad you didn't run into any bears. My Dad (a Denver resident) told me there have been some bears seen in the city this summer-yikes!

  5. I am so in awe of Running Man!
    But I'd rather do the stitching than the running, any day! Nice work. : )

  6. How fabulous for Running Man to place so high!
    He is truly Awesome!
    Love your stitch work, it looks like a day of great accomplishments for both of you!

  7. Wow--he does deserve some big bragging rights! Good plan to have some stitching to do while cheering him on!

  8. Yay for Running Man! What an acheivement! And to you too for going along too and cheering him on, taking beautiful photos and creating such a lovely stichery.

  9. Congrats to Running Man with his very impressive finish! Nice that you had lots of quality time to work on your embroidery :) Great pics.

  10. Very impressive, I am exhausted just reading about all this running in the heat...but a bit envious I dont have your husbands stamina...imagine how many more quilts I could make! Congratulations!

  11. Wow, I can see how these runs could be great for productivity (yours more so than Running Man's). I am trying to imagine doing anything, other than possibly stitching, for a long as that run. Bravo to him - that is an amazing feat.

  12. I can far more easily imagine11 hours of stitching than 11 hours of running - wow your DH is one tough dude! Pass along congrats to him! I like your stitchery :0)

  13. Congrats to running man! Your embroidery is so sweet, and the colours are perfect for fall. Happy stitching!

  14. As I started reading this, I wondered what you brought along to stitch while your Running Man was running all those miles. ;-) Good job, both of you.

  15. My goodness! I have not heard of ultra marathons before. And some people went further! Congratulations to Running Man, and to you too for supporting him through it all. I know you helped him through it, and you have a pretty stitchery to remember it by!

  16. Good for him, but I'll take the 11 hours of stitching over running any day.

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  18. I'm exhausted just thinking about what your hubby did - I'd rather be part of the support team ANY day!

  19. Congratulations to Running man! So nice you made new friends and had time for embroidery. Have a great week

  20. Congratulations to Running man! So nice you made new friends and had time for embroidery. Have a great week

  21. I think I would be worn out just sitting there let alone running that far.

  22. He is so so impressive! wow congratulations to him. I have been running a bit and can't even IMAGINE doing long distance runs. You need a beach chair with umbrella :) Glad you got out of the sun. Your stitching piece is lovely for the fall.