Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Triple Decker

 I just had to join in
Lori was calling it Country Roads.

If I were "walkin' down a country road" near me,

  this is what I would see.

And this is my "Country Roads".
26" x 28"

I enjoy working on Lori's little quilts.
She keeps it simple.

Did you catch my humility block?

Not on purpose, just a continually reminder.

I love the look of quilts with no borders,
but I have a hard time leaving them off.

So I added two, one only 1/2" and the outer
border with two different widths.

I dug deep in the sewing stash and used
some ancient fabrics.
The center gold/cheddar is from a very 
early line of Fons and Porter called Cumberland.
The narrow border and binding from a 
Barbara Brackman line called Trailing Vines.

 And on the back, the oldest fabrics,
 are from Country Threads'
first line, Welcome.
Does anyone remember these?
Boy, did that feel good.

Thanks, Lori for another 
fun sew along.

I was recently a winner
of Diane's giveaway over at Butterfly Threads.
She sent me a copy 
of the newest magazine from
Simply Moderne, issue #2.

I hadn't had a chance to thoroughly enjoy
this magazine yet so,
 I was really thrilled to receive a copy.
It's filled with stunning photos,
modern style quilts,
and new ideas from young designers,
like my blogger friend,
There's a beautiful full page photo of her
prize winning red and white quilt from the recent
Sydney Quilt show. 
Check it out!

Yes, it certainly lives up to the standards 
of the original magazine, Quiltmania.
I'm going to have to add this to my
magazine subscriptions.

Diane also generously sent 3 of her
own published patterns.
You can find these and more over at Craftsy.

Thanks, Diane.

It's been almost
20 years ago since I went to the
International Quilt Festival in Houston
but I'm heading there next week!
I'm so excited.
I'm leaving plenty of empty space in my
bags and I'm ready for some
quilting overload, 
and maybe a bit of overindulgence.
Unfortunately, I'm there only one day
so I'm going to have to move in overdrive.
Did I say I was excited?

Until Next Time-


  1. Love your wee quilt..and I have to say I REALLY had to look long and hard to find your humble mistake!! Shhh don't say anything and no one will notice!! Lucky you...going to Houston! Take tons of pics and I can't wait to see the loot!

  2. Love your version! Someone else has a "humility" block very similar to yours.
    Have a great time at the quilt show! It's on my bucket list.

  3. Your Country roads turned out wonderfully. It looks great with your fall display. How exciting to go to market! Can you take me with you in your pocket?? :0)

  4. Humility blocks just add visual interest (if they are even noticed). I have many a quilt with such a block. : )
    Your version is so sweet. You have chosen great fabrics--yes, I remember the F & P line and the BB line. I might even have a few bits of them left in the stash.
    WooHoo! A day at Market--what a treat for you! How will you decide what to see in and do in your day? I have never been, and probably never will, but it will spare me the migraine which I tend to get when I get mentally over stimulated. I'll look forward to your report.

  5. What a bright patch of autumn sunshine you created with your Country Roads - I love it! And a day at Market, how delightful! Have fun and safe travels.

  6. Have a lot of fun at Quilt Festival. I want to go sometime.

  7. Your little Country Roads is a delightful version of Lori's QAL. Nothing says humility like the blocks we put (or find) in our projects. I do remember that Country Threads early fabric. I've seen it in the stash of a friend or two. Not really a surprise, as the C. Threads store is local, only 30 minutes from my home (but now closed).
    Lucky you! heading to Houston! That's on my some-day bucket list. Enjoy your time there.

  8. Love your humble quilt. I know what you mean about borders, I have a thing for them too.:) Very exciting about getting to go to the Houston quilt show. That one day is going to be amazing fun!!

  9. How fun to see your version of Country Roads - I like it - humble block and all! LOL Lucky you to win a great magazine and assorted patterns - I look forward to see what you make with them. Have fun at Houston - I'm sure you'll exhaust yourself - and even though you're tired after all the gawking and shopping and wandering around, you probably won't be able to sleep that night because of an over-stimulated mind - at least that's what would happen to me.

  10. OH have fun, fun, fun!!! I am so glad you are going!! Love your quilt along quilt!!

  11. Country roads is a such beautiful quilt, especially with the wonderful humility block. Thank you for mentioning my Blooming Doilies quilt in Simply Moderne :) How exciting that you are going to Houston, I know you'll make the most of your one day there, have a wonderful time!!

  12. Love your little Country Roads quilt, why is it we always find the mistakes after the quilt is quilted and bound? I havent seen that magazine in the shops here, but will look out for it. I think your going to need to give Running man a list and mobile phone and send him off in the opposite direction then he can shop on your behalf or take photos of lovely might get to "see" a bit more that way! Enjoy your day at Houston it will be fun, wish I could come.

  13. Your version of the Country Road quilt turned out beautiful, and your coyntry road photo is wonderful. Enjoy your visit to Houston show.Congrats for winning the magazine and The extra gift looks very interesting. Have a great Sunday!

  14. LOVE your version of this Country Roads quilt!
    Wishing you a fabulous time in Houston - hope you have some show & tell pictures to share!

  15. Wow, it took me a third look before I realized what was 'humble' about that block. I'm not surprised you didn't notice either. It adds to the charm of the sweet little quilt. Have a wonderful trip to Houston and enjoy your day, no doubt it will be amazing!

  16. Great quilt! Enjoy your stay at the festival!

  17. I used to have some of the blue striped fabric you used for the border. Such a good choice for your little quilt.
    I hope you can get into Houston with all the rain and flooding. I have been to the show there three times. Quite a venue. I know you will enjoy the show.

  18. Love your little Country Roads quilt with the added borders. Great choice of fabric for the back, too. The real Country Road looks so inviting! Beautiful scenery. Have a wonderful time at Quilt Market!

  19. Have fun in Houston. You will need some of running man's energy to make it through in 1 day ;)

  20. A great little Country Roads quilt! The striped border is a nice choice. Have fun at Quilt Festival - one of the things I miss so much about owning a quilt shop was the opportunities to attend Quilt Market - sensory overload and the mind and heart spin with inspiration.
    Please share your experiences when you return!!

  21. lovely post. What a gorgeous walk, coco and I would love that view.
    congrats on your wins!!

  22. Oh my, Quilt Fest in a day! Move fast! Love your little quilt. Congratulations on your win.

  23. Your Country Roads quilt is so pretty with the bright cheddar. One day in Houston sounds fun. This show is on my bucket list.

  24. Your Country Roads turned out fabulous! I love the border fabric! Congratulaions on the win and getting to go to the Quilt Festival.