Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Flow With the Seasons

 I have a very dear quilting friend
whose stitching philosophy
is to work on seasonal projects
during the same season.
That way she's working with the
colors and styles that represent
that particular time of the year.

I understand her thoughts,
 It surrounds you with 
seasonal expressions. 
Although, I have to admit,
 I'm usually a season or more behind
or on a few occasions, I'm actually ahead.
 Depending on how you look at it!

But this time
I was right on.
I finished working on 
my "Autumn" pillow
designed by Crabapple Hill.

If you remember I started this a 
few weeks ago while
 sitting and waiting for Running Man
to finish running 50 miles.

I had gotten to this point 
by the time he crossed the finish line.

For the last couple of weeks
I've been enjoying the rest of the stitching

as the fall colors have begun to appear
in my neck of the woods.

The design incorporated a few bits of wool
for the leaves and rosehips.
It gave the pillow solid spots of color
on the outer edges.

The directions also suggested a 
small wool scalloped border
which I tacked down with french knots. 
 I used a small hand dyed brown piece that
had been lingering in my wool bin.

I liked how it framed the embroidery.

I had three pieces of fabric that I wanted to use.
One for the border,
the marble for the cording
and the dots for the backing,
but sometimes you just have to improvise.

It was a sweet project to work on
and now it's ready to enjoy
during the "current" Autumn season.

Until Next Time-


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I especially love the little scalloped edge that you so cleverly tacked down with french knots. Lovely! And it just so happens that I am working on a Fall colored quilt (Actually two) but that doesn't happen very often. I like the philosophy though!

  2. Your Autumn pillow turned out Gorgeous!
    The scallop border with french knots is wonderful and a very creative way to finish off the borders.
    LOVE the photo of your beautiful pillow under that autumn tinged Maple tree.
    Congratulations on a stunning Fall finish!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! The scalloped border is wonderful! Ahh the things we do for our men! :o)))

  4. THat is so beautiful. I love Crab Apple designs but the postage from them to me is so expensive that I can't buy all the ones I want xx

  5. Everything about this is well thought out and precisely executed. Your work is exquisite, and this is such a beauty!
    I am usually working on things that are very off season, because I am always running behind. But I prefer to think of it as being ahead of the game for next year. : )

  6. Such a delightful finish Kyle! I haven't done embroidery for years, so I admire your work. I think the scalloped border is my favorite part of the project!

  7. Just GORGEOUS!!! Your sitting is perfection and I just love your fabric choices :-D

  8. This is the most beautiful pillow!! Everything about it is so delightful. The only catch is I think it's far too pretty to put away when Autumn is over.

  9. Your timing is impeccable Kyle - looks just wonderful amongst the autumn leaves! Love the stitching and the way you finished it so expertly.

  10. It is so pretty and autumnal! I love working on projects that are in sync with the season but as quilters sometimes that is not always attainable!

  11. So sweet, especially love the scalloped edge, really sets off the beautiful stitching.

  12. Such a pretty pillow! You've done such a beautiful job of finishing it. Enjoy!!

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  14. Absolutely gorgeous piece! I may have this pattern in my stash... and just might start on it this weekend.... thanks for your inspiration! :-)

  15. Perfect! That border is so sweet and does frame the stitching so nicely. Good job!

  16. Gosh, Kyle, I really love this! The stitching is so pretty, and your fabrics are perfect! The French knots in the scallops are a nice detail, too. Great job!

  17. A great pattern and your handwork is just so stunning!

  18. That turned out so darling! I love everything about it! Nice job Kyle!

  19. That turned out so darling! I love everything about it! Nice job Kyle!

  20. Crabapple Hill has some really nice designs. You did well with this one and able to use it in the season intended.

  21. A lovely finish, Kyle! Perfect for this time of year.

  22. Very sweet project and one with wonderful memories now too! I've tried quilting/sewing with the colors of the seasons, but they always end up wrapping around into another season or two.:)

  23. It looks so lovely Kyle, and perfect timing for you to enjoy it - love the Autumn leaves as back drop

  24. Yum, I love it. The scalloped wool border is the icing on a beautiful piece of stitchery!

  25. Every detail of this is simply stunning and lovely. The embroidery is gorgeous!
    So pretty nestled in among the autumn leaves.

  26. You do such lovely work Kyle. Your stitching and the additions of wool make this pillow so special. Great fall pictures.

  27. It's beautiful. Your post made me laugh. I just finished a Halloween quilt, and I also finished a 4th of July quilt. I'm usually a season or two behind, too.