Thursday, September 24, 2015

Stop! Those Waves Are Making Me Sea Sick!

 It was time.
My leaders and Enders project
had become an endless ordeal.

I had started this in December, 2011.

It is one of Bonnie Hunter's free pattern , Ocean Waves,
on her website, Quiltville.

I knew I'd never make it as big as her quilt
with 5,884 pieces.

I just wanted to make another red and white quilt so
I  cut tons of reds and creams

into strips,

used Thangles,

 and began using them
as the leaders and enders to 
 multiple, multiple projects
over the last 4 years.

I'd sew a few blocks together.
But lately,
the idea of making more and more
half square triangles just became oppressive.
It was time to stop.

I laid out what I'd made so far.
I was actually pleasantly surprised
at what I had completed.

I decided to make the quilt a square
using 9 blocks x 9 blocks.

 so that all 4 corners would be the same.

That meant sewing only a few more blocks
from the hundreds of half square triangles 
I had in reserve.

Using the Thangles,
despite having to have remove the paper,
made very exact HS Triangles.
Toss in my sewing
and the blocks matched up pretty well.

Even after the center was done
there were still lots of pieces to use up.

The pieced border was perfect
along with the scrappy inside and
outer borders.

 My endless ocean waves
75" x 75"

aren't rocking my boat any longer.

Everything's calm now, thank goodness, and
the quilt is just waiting it's turn 
to be machine quilted.
I feel much better.

Until Next Time-


  1. I'm swooning here! I LOVE this! The red and white, the HSTs, the pieced border - what's not to love? (I did get a bit of a chuckle over your comment about the Thangles and your sewing = blocks that match up pretty well ... because that sounds exact,y like what I'd say!)

  2. I'm glad you could overcome the motion sickness long enough to bring this to completion. It is lovely. What an accomplishment. Don't know that I could have stayed with it even that long--well, I wouldn't have ever started it. *LOL*
    Must feel so good to have it to this stage! Well done!

  3. Well, that is really gorgeous, Kyle! I love the red & white. The HSTs sparkle! I have just been seriously considering an ocean waves quilt made from off cuts of another quilt, and you have not deterred me at all! Although it does still feel like the time of year for finishes, so I don't want to start it just yet. :D

  4. OMGosh!! LOVE this quilt!!! This is on my TO DO LIST!! What a ton of work but so worth it! You must be SEW HAPPY!!

  5. Kyle it looks fantastic! I love the ocean wave pattern and in red and white, scrappy it is fabulous! I totally get how sick of making hst's you got but it was worth it! Love the pieced border too :0)

  6. Congratulations, Kyle, on your fabulous red and white quilt! What a lot of time you`ve invested - it`s such an accomplishment!

  7. Very nice! I live the four different red plaids in the outer border. It must feel good to finish something that was four years in the making.

  8. OH are a REAL QUILTER!!! Gorgeous finish...someday I want to be like you!!

  9. Such a Gorgeous finish!
    Love...Love this amazing quilt top!

  10. Woohoo!! What a top!! I love ocean waves quilts and yours is a beauty. It looks wonderful in reds and creams and the pieced border frames it beautifully. Congratulations on reaching calm waters after riding the waves.

  11. That's a gorgeous top! I saw Thangles for the first time while in a shop yesterday. Almost bought a pack, but didn't. Wonder how they compare with Edita Sitar's triangle square paper, have you tried both?

  12. My, my, my - what an accomplishment! I have never used Thangles, though I have some in my supplies - might have to give them a try some time. Turned out to be a beautiful quilt and I know you'll enjoy it now that it's 'done'. So what will your next leader/ender project be? I've never tried that technique but I can see that it's a good thing! Congrats on a great finish!

  13. Your quilt is gorgeous! Love the red and cream combination and the border fabrics. So many pieces to cut and sew. Great job!

  14. What a beautiful quilt in a great colour combination. You have lots of patience, I would be desperate to start a new leaders and enders after 1 year, but your perseverance paid off. So what next, tumblers?

  15. Wow your quilt did turn out great! I love the borders - so great. I can't do enders and leaders. Not sure why, but it interrupts my mojo somehow.
    great job with all those millions of pieces! red is the best!!

  16. It looks wonderful! Yay for finishing up the top and putting a stop to oppression.:) Love the hst border so much! And I'm like Barb. Leaders and enders just don't work with the way I sew.

  17. So glad you are now becalmed -it is gorgeous! I do love the way these wonderful quilts emerge unannounced and complete from your sewing room - that is a huge achievement!

  18. This quilt is gorgeous! What a great finished top.

  19. It is absolutely gorgeous Kyle! Congratulations! It looks wonderful!

  20. I've always wanted to make an Ocean Waves quilt, but have been scared off by all those triangles. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful and I really admire how you stuck with it and made a zillion HST's!!! Wonderful work!

  21. Wow, what a beauty. All those half square triangle really are great together.

  22. I don't know about waves, but all those half square triangles would certainly make me dizzy! This is just an absolutely gorgeous quilt Kyle! You have out done yourself with this one! Now I want to make one.

  23. It turned out beautiful! I would have given up way before you did!

  24. Beautiful! There's nothing like a scrap quilt!