Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Taste Of the Highlands

Exploring different cultures
usually involves long distance traveling,
airline hassles, and time zone adjustments,
but this weekend it was only a 30 mile
drive up the Big Thompson canyon
to Estes Park,

the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park
which is celebrating it's 100th year anniversary.

This past weekend we enjoyed the 
Long's Peak
Scottish Irish Festival.

Click  to
enjoy some of the music from
The Elders.
Bet you can't keep your feet still.

I'm not too familiar with Scottish History
other than from Braveheart
so it was very interesting to 
investigate different clans and
their tartans,

the strong man challenge,

light armor jousting,

and heavy armor jousting. 

Of course, one way to enjoy a different culture
is through the food.

 No, I didn't try it.

But instead enjoyed a Scottish Meat Pie
and Ale.

There was




and kilts

One guy's t-shirt read:
Yes, this is a kilt,
If I were wearing something underneath,
it would be a skirt!

We had a fun highlands experience,
but exploring the real Scotland

 is still on my bucket list.

(So, are your feet still tapping?)

Until Next Time-


  1. What fun! Not what I was expecting when I read the first paragraph. ;-)

  2. I would not try haggis either, ughh! It looks like a lot of fun. I've always wanted to go to Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales? Too much reading when I was younger.:)

  3. Looove men in kilts! Looks like a really fun day. :D

  4. Your wonderful photos capture what a great day out it was. It looks as though the organisers thought of everything. The T-shirt message made me laugh.

  5. Love Estes and I would enjoy a Scottish festival there. My favorite books are the Outlander series, Scottish festivals always remind me of those books.

  6. Yep, my feet are tapping! What a fun experience this must have been for you - I know I would have enjoyed it. Come to think of it, I think there is a similar event held near SLC each year - might have to check it out. Hubby & I visited Scotland several years ago and loved it - however, the only kilts we saw were hanging for sale in stores - everyone dresses in jeans and tees - just like here.

  7. Wonderful photos - love seeing all the plaids - my high school back in Virginia was McLean High (we were the Highlanders:-). Always loved the namesake tartan. Are your feet still tapping? When we saw The Chieftans performed years ago, my feet did not slow down for weeks! The Celtic Women are performing in Green Bay on October 14 - tickets purchased & so excited!! Love Cektic music.

  8. What a great day out! We have a Scottish festival "Brigadoon in Bundanoon" at a village near here once a year - always fun. Kyle you live in a beautiful part of the world - such scenery close to home!

  9. Stunning scenery, Kyle! Just breathtaking. What a fun day out - I thought for a minute you were in Scotland!!

  10. Such a beautiful location - the scenery is gorgeous!
    The Scottish Irish Festival looks like it could have taken place in Europe.
    Love all the amazing photos and so many happy faces that you've captured.
    What a wonderful day out!

  11. Wow! this looks like the best festival EVER!! I love seeing all the kilts and plaids. I went to Estes park with my grandparents in 1974. I loved the trip and have loved the mountains of colorado since. While I have been to Denver, golden, Steamboat, Colorado springs and more, I haven't been back to Estes - I have to put it on the real to do list.
    thanks for such a fun post!