Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Baskets of Stars

Back in May I purchased a kit
designed by Moda.
I'm generally not a kit buyer,
but this one just spoke to me.
It is one of the
"Collection for a Cause"
Mill Book Series
Circa 1892

This particular quilt is
supporting the cause...
The Texas Quilt Museum.

I always hope that with each new
project there's at least one new idea or technique
that I can learn and

add to my tool belt.

This pattern had an accurate and different way to
applique the basket handles.

Two basket handles were
included in this oval shape.
It made for easier and
accurate placement on the background pieces.

I appliqued it as usual, but
knotted at the beginning and ending
of each handle individually.

The seam allowance was included in the oval shape
so when the square was cut in half
to yield 2 basket handles

there was adequate seams to
attach it to the pieced basket.
The knots prevented the handles from
coming unstitched.

The pattern is available here.

It's easy and doable.
It was inspired by this quilt 

There's some applique,

some piecing,

 but no borders.

The baskets alternating with the appliqued stars
are set square, not on point, but
they actually create the look

 of a diagonal set.

Basket of Stars was fun to reproduce. 
It's a classic design and would
work up great with any reproduction
fabrics in your collection.
I love being connected to the
rich quilting history of the past,
and this pattern takes us back.

Until Next Time-


  1. That is a lovely pattern and those oval handles are really a great technique. The curve looks gentle enough that even an applique challenged person (me) could accomplish it with minimal frustration! Will you hand quilt this beauty?

  2. That idea for the basket handle is genius! I love that quilt, too ... yours turned out spectacularly! Well done.

  3. Beautiful! How ingenious to applique two handles at once. I think it would be more stable while appliqueing too. Have to try it!

  4. That is a very clever method, and a beautiful quilt!

  5. Clever handle technique and beautiful quilt.

  6. I was tempted by the quilt kit but decided I needed to pass it by. I have other quilt kits not done or started. And I never considered myself a kit person. A unique way of doing the handle for the baskets. I have made myself a template to mark placement of basket handles. That works too.

  7. What a gorgeous outside picture! Your basket top is beautiful. What a novel way to applique basket handles - I never would have thought of it.

  8. Very interesting way to applique the basket handles! I will have to remember that for a future project. LOVE the baskets!

  9. Love the concept on making 2 handles at one time :-D Baskets are wonderful Very Pretty quilt

  10. Oh I love this pattern, it is so pretty, without being over the top floral. And the colours are just darling. Very keen to try that technique with the basket handles, thanks for sharing that tip, I am sure that would help my handle placement to be consistent. Great flimsy, well done!

  11. Lovely! clever way to do the handles - and easier to manage a larger piece of fabric for applique too.

  12. Always good when a new project teaches you a new technique! Something you can use again. Love the baskets too.

  13. A great approach to making those handles - and a terrific basket quilt! Sometimes it is nice to just cut and sew and enjoy the process with everything preplanned. Think I have purchased 2 kits in the past 10 years - both have been a pleasure to work with.

  14. Clever way to get two basket handles at once - how do people come UP with these great ideas? Since we haven't see pictures of this project before it makes me think you whipped it up QUICK! I'm impressed - it's a lovely quilt

  15. I love the pattern and just may have to buy it! Your quilt turned out great!

  16. This is really beautiful, Kyle. Baskets and stars, my two favourites! This week I have also been appreciating quilts with a unifying background like yours, it seems very restful. Just as I am about to start another quilt with pieced backgrounds... maybe I need to think twice about that!

    But anyway, great job! How will you quilt it?

  17. What a clever way to make handles, I like the concept of it!
    Your basket quilt top turned out Gorgeous!

  18. Your quilt is lovely and it looks so nice on the fence. Great setting! Interesting method of making basket handles--never would have thought of that!

  19. Ooooh! i love your version of this traditional quilt. It is simple and simply wonderful!
    Wow - what a fabulous idea for the basket handles - I will definitely use this one day

  20. Oh my goodness - how beautiful! I love the colors and the pattern and the "antique" look of this quilt. Gorgeous! blessings, marlene

  21. What a beautiful top, the colours are beautiful and the pattern would have been fun to make with a bit of piecing and a bit of applique. Thank you for sharing the basket handle tip, that really is such a clever way to sew them. A very handy skill for the tool kit.

  22. A beautiful quilt top Kyle! A very interesting way to appliqué the handles. I have never tried a kit before, did the handles come already cut out?

  23. Absolutely STUNNING!! If I remember correctly...wasn't this a FREE pattern offered by Howard Marcus??..My fingers are crossed that I printed it off as this is DDG!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  24. Absolutely STUNNING!! If I remember correctly...wasn't this a FREE pattern offered by Howard Marcus??..My fingers are crossed that I printed it off as this is DDG!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  25. A beautiful, beautiful top Kyle. I love it!

  26. Wonderful top , I love baskets, all baskets !

  27. That's going to be a beautiful quilt! I had never seen the handles done that way. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Great quilt, I will have to look at that pattern link. I don't think I have ever seen a basket quilt I do not like :)

  29. Lovely Quilt! Looks just right for heading into fall. Thanks for sharing!