Monday, June 16, 2014

Treasure Hunting

There are just certain activities
that spell the beginning of summer.
One of them for me is heading 
off to the Old Glory Antique Fair in Denver.

There are always so many
wonderful vendors with booths
filled to overflowing with vintage treasures,
 that are eager to go to new homes.

Running Man and Oliver
browsed for awhile, but
 the warm sun just makes you
too tired to keep looking.

I always find some fun things.
Although, I was gently reminded
 that we had just recently moved and 
were suppose to be lightening our treasure troves.

But here's what came home with me.
I'm always on the lookout for these
vintage picnic baskets.
They're a fun storage solution and
are generally, inexpensive.
Projects, fabrics, kits, they all fit inside.
I'd recommend them to everyone.

Then, of course, these antique fairs are 
a good source for vintage quilts.
I found this one in a small booth
where the owner was lightening her load 
of quilt treasures.

This red and white log cabin quilt called my name.
No, more like shouted my name!
The only inforation she had was that
it had been collected in Illinios.

I love the turkey red and the small shirting print.
It was pieced on a muslin foundation.
Some of the blocks were stitched by hand and
others done on the machine.
The individual blocks were
sewn together by hand and
the backing is the muslin hand whip together.
The quilt has no batting.

I'm estimating the quilt
was done in the early 1900's.  
I think it will look perfect
displayed at Christmas.

I knew I didn't have much room in the car
for any big items, especially
with a car seat and big stroller taking up
most of the room.

But Running Man surprised me
by finding something he liked.

This vintage wrought iron armillary sphere garden ornament.
 It might have been a sundial.
The time was told by the shadow of the arrow
falling on a callibrated band in the middle of the sphere.
Or it was just a decoration of connected spheres
representing the heaven being pierced by an arrow.
The trend now is to make any old  object
shabby chic by painting it vintage white.
So we're going to repaint it
an antique bronze color.
I'll post another picture
once it's settled into the garden.

And yes,
it all did finally fit into the car
and Oliver did too.

Until Next Time-


  1. You scored some beautiful treasures! Of course, the quilt fit into the basket so no problem bringing that home! Oliver is a real sweetie. Lucky grandma, being able to spend these precious time with your grands.

  2. that looks like a fabulous fair! how were the food wagons? they are a favorite.
    Love your treasures. Great quilt, basket and looking forward to see your garden ornament repainted.

  3. Oh my - you must have had a very fun day - time with a precious grandlittle and discovering that stunning red and white quilt! The armillary sphere sure made my heart skip faster - it is fabulous and sure to take center stage in your garden. Great find!

  4. fun!! I love the new garden ornament, that will like nice.

  5. The antique quilt a delightful addition to your home. I can see why you liked it. It would have caught my eye too. There are a couple antique flea market weekends at a place here in Florida during the winter. I haven't been in years. I could not walk one now. I did get a couple quilts the last I did go but no longer have them.

  6. What great finds ! Love the quilt & cool garden ornament !

  7. What a great quilt find!
    I can't believe everything fit in the car, but I am glad you made room for Oliver! : )

  8. What great finds!! I can't imagine making a log cabin quilt out of just 2 fabrics but it sure is pretty! It will look fantastic displayed at Christmastime :0)

  9. Hard to say no to you when he found his own treasure! lol The quilt is a wonderful find. You'll have fun decorating with that one!

  10. That looks like such a great fair! I love your purchases. That red and white quilt really is a treasure!! I love that some blocks are machine sewn and others by hand. The garden ornament is a great find too! I'm glad you could fit it all in the car.

  11. That looks like a great antique fair! You found some wonderful items. Love the basket and you Log Cabin quilt. I think your lawn ornament will look much better in bronze. Poor little Oliver looks tuckered out!

  12. What a wonderful day you had - love the quilt and your basket! I know I'd have had a lot less restraint :)

  13. Sounds like a lot of fun. Oliver is a good sport! I like your new garden ornament too.

  14. The quilt is gorgeous! You could display during the summer months with a little blue and it would be perfectly patriotic!
    The garden ornament is amazing! I'd like to see a photo once it is in place at your house.

  15. So glad Oliver fit in the car too :-)
    Wonderful treasures so fun they came home with you!

  16. Yummy treasures! Your 'new' quilt is spectacular! I have over a dozen vintage picnic baskets just like yours - and I use them for storage too - MUCH nicer than a plastic tub, right? What a fun day you had!

  17. What great finds! Love them all!!

  18. What wonderful treasures - and I'm sure we're all jealous of that red and white quilt! blessings, marlene

  19. Great treasures! I might have needed the cheddar and white quilt.

  20. You found some wonderful treasures!