Monday, June 23, 2014

Last Week

The calendar last week said
it was time for me to celebrate
another birthday.

Look who came to my party.
Deenie, (Everdeen) Baby Odder, (Oliver), San the Man (Sanford)
It can't get much better than this.

Of course, to extend
my special day,
my daughter and baking partner,
did some baking to share.

Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes
with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.

They were the perfect combo
for the beginning of summer.
The zesty lemon flavor
in both the cake and the frosting
created a delicious treat.

  Both for us

and the co-workers.
The only traces that Elizabeth could
find after a couple of minutes
was one lone blueberry
that had been accidentally dropped on the floor.

Now for the update on my
garden art.
Running Man took it back
home and worked his magic.
It went from this....

to this....
Big difference.
 It really has added a focal point in the garden.

I'm hoping this week
I can stay focused as well.
It's my last full week to be the caregiver
to the littlest grandson.
There's going to be lots of cuddling
going on, of course,
with a little sewing sprinkled in.
Loved those nap times.
Until Next Time-


  1. Happy belated birthday!! I am so glad you had a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday Kyle!! Those cupcakes look delicious! Lemon cream cheese frosting - be still my heart :0) Your garden art turned out very well - what a find!

  3. Happy Birthday! The cupcakes look so yummy.

  4. happy happy happy birthday. bet those cupcakes were wonderful! love the garden art so much better now! ok can't believe how big the grandchildren are getting….

  5. Happy Birthday! Those cupcakes look so delicious! I love the photo with the giant blue berries:)
    The garden art worked really well, it's such a great feature!

  6. A Very Happy Birthday Kyle!! That is such a wonderful photo of you and your grandchildren! They are so precious!! Delicious looking cupcakes! The garden art is much improved. Kudos to the Running Man! I have a birthday this week, so we are both June babies!

  7. A very happy birthday Kyle! Your grandchildren are so beautiful! Sil

  8. What a special party! Love the garden decoration!!

  9. beautiful family photo - what cute kids!!
    love the garden ornament what a big difference. I love that kind of thing in the garden.
    yummy cupcakes -

  10. Happy Birthday! And that's amazing work on the yard ornament. Way cool.

  11. A triple treat for your birthday -- those adorable grandkids, yummy summer-time treats, and an updated GORGEOUS addition for your garden. You're a winner, over and over. That photo is a Kodak moment -- adorable little tykes and one happy grandma.
    Happy belated birthday, Kyle.

  12. Happy Birthday Kyle - Looks like your guest list was the BEST a grandma could hope for! Those cupcakes look SO delish! And I LOVE the fresh paint on your garden art - did he stake it so the wind won't blow it over?

  13. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful gift, all those little children!

  14. Belated but very happy birthday wishes Kyle! Adorable grand children!

  15. If your garden sphere goes missing - check my house first:-). It turned out so beautiful!!! Happy Birthday greetings to you. What a celebration with your favorite little people next to you.

  16. I wondered about the cupcake production, another beautiful batch.
    Must have been a really fun birthday bash with that party crew :-)
    Love your garden art - a really beautiful piece. Happy stitching!

  17. Wow - those 3 little are truly blessed.

  18. What a wonderful picture - you're going to treasure this one for sure. I love the garden amazing change from before to after. blessings, marlene

  19. Happy belated birthday! What a great pic of you and the little ones. The cupcakes look delicious and the garden art is beautiful! Love the work on your Roseville album, too.