Friday, June 27, 2014

Roseville Album, Again

There are some quilt projects
that are quick and easy.
Then there are others that
are a very long term commitment.

Over the past couple of weeks,
I've continued to work on the
Roseville Album Quilt.

Mostly because I'm committed to getting
this done...sooner than later.

I'm at the point where there are
two side panels left to do.

I decided to do them both at the same time because
1.  the designing process would be easier,
2.  it would help to keep the color selection balanced,
and then the third reason is
 so I wouldn't have cut any more pieces
and that step would be done!

I started with the branches
and thread basted them in place.
The next time I worked on it,
I began adding the 90+ leaves.

Of course, that meant tracing the 90+ leaves
on freezer paper,
cutting out 90+ paper leaves,
auditioning fabrics,
tracing the leaves one more time on fabric,
and finally, cutting them out
one more time!

Still more leaves to add.

This work day was fun.
It was time to start adding the birds and animals 
living in the branches.

Each panel has about 15 birds and a few other animals.
It all continues to be a slow process.
But it means the designing process is almost done.

Along the way, of course,
some pieces were rejected and others
Sometime first choices don't always work out.

With the first panel done,
it was time to concentrate on panel two with
more birds plus a couple of squirrels
and a cat.

All the main elements have been cut out
and are ready to applique.

 The animals are taken off now
and I've started stitching the branches and leaves.
I'll let you know when that part 
gets done.
Don't hold your breath. 
I don't want anyone to pass out.

Of course, when all of these pieces 
are appliqued, guess what's next?
About 70 circles!
Eeee gads!

Until Next Time-


  1. You are so much further on this than I am! They look great. I would not be looking forward to all those circles either.....

  2. Yipeeee, more circle :-)
    Great progress, and those naked branches look fabulous filled with all those shapes and prints!
    Happy stitching.

  3. How beautiful! I loved seeing the progress over the days. Thank you for your inspiration!

  4. This is amazing and you are doing incredible work. I'm pretty sure my patience level doesn't extend far enough to do something like this! Kudos to you!

  5. Go, go, go girl! We will cheer you on.

  6. Your panels look amazing!! With so much prep done now you can sit and enjoy the stitching :0) These are going to look fabulous - keep going Kyle!!

  7. That’s quite al lot to get done in just one week..I love all the lovely bright colors in your fabric choices.

  8. There is a ton of pieces that go into the Roseville quilt. I can see easily getting distracted to another project as their is some intense stitching to do on each block and the borders. But how good it will be to get it all done.

  9. Your panels are going to look amazing when finish, well done with sticking to this intense project. Also helpful to see how you lay it all out as I am struggling with some applique at present and needed a push to get back to it, thanks! Happy belated birthday, so nice to spend your special day with your family. Love your garden art project, looks fantastic.

  10. I loved this post! It was so wonderful to see your panels coming to life! I think doing the two panels at the same time was a great idea. It reminded me of my Mom, she always knit both of the sleeves to a sweater at the same time so they would come out the same size. So many fabric choices!I could never have done that in a week! This is going to be such a fantastic quilt!

  11. OH Kyle but just so worth it , the borders of this quilt are just as amazing as the blocks. keep going its going to be such an amazing quilt, I have started working on Flower garden again, but guess what! I decided to start over I really didn't like the background fabric I chose ….

  12. Way to go - liking your philosophy...slow and steady - no rush. In a quilt as complex as this fabric selection can be daunting but you are choosing beautiful pieces and your patience will be rewarded. Love the birds especially the 2 dipping towards each other in panel of Day 7

  13. Oh wow! So much work for you. This is incredible though--love your panels!

  14. Wow! Love seeing this progression!!

  15. eeee gads - I love circles, lol.
    great idea doing both at the same time. Like knitting both sleeves, right?
    your fabric choices and color are beautiful!!

  16. Incredible how many tiny pieces go into these borders!
    I really love seeing the pictures you are sharing of the whole process.

  17. Your borders are like watching spring blossom. I know it's a lot of work but you make it look so easy.