Friday, June 13, 2014

Hanging Out with Noah and Matilda

 It's always nice to be able 
to hang out with friends.

Over the past 6 months
Noah and Matilda and I
have become pretty good friends.
 They drop by once a month
to show me something new.

We talk about colors
and share stories.

Then they leave me
with lots of stitching.

I'm finally caught up from May
and June is all about borders.
Those won't get stitched for awhile,
but they suggested I might want to start 
cutting out a few of the pieces
when I had a few spare moments.

I appreciated their suggestions,
but would really appreciate it more
if they'd help out.
Matilda, I know would probably smile
 and sweetly reminded me 
she had done it all once before.
I guess she's right.

Visit Dawn
to learn more about Noah and Matilda.
  Until Next Time-


  1. Your blocks are all gorgeous!
    I love your fabrics and of course your beautiful stitch work!
    I plan on starting this quilt in the very near future, but for now will soak up inspiration from you. ;)

  2. I particularly like the flower fabrics on the first block. And I like the way you did the cactus with several fabrics. I should have done mine more like that.

  3. You and Matilda are getting along just great :0) Your blocks are lovely as always! I especially like the first one.

  4. I love the fabrics you're using for these blocks--very intense and rich looking! Great applique. The little flower is so very sweet and simple.

  5. I just love these blocks so much!! I love the cactus, your mix of green fabrics really add dimension!! and your berries look good enough to eat!

  6. Great mixture of greens on these blocks Kyle. Believe it or not, I've finally found the fabric I want to use for making the medallion in Quiltmania that you're working on - let's see how long it takes me to actually get started! LOL

  7. Beautiful fabric and your stitching is flawless

  8. Love all the blocks and the gorgeous colours - so nice to have BOM friends drop in!

  9. Your blocks are wonderful. I love you selection of fabrics - spot on for these. The cactus blocks is great.

  10. Your Noah and Matilda blocks are looking fantastic! You are making good progress on them. Such great fabrics!!

  11. Beautiful fabric choices. :) blessings, marlene