Friday, June 20, 2014

More Than Quilting, Once in Awhile

This week included
some utility sewing.
Every two year old boy
who loves cars and trucks
and anything with wheels
needs new curtains
that are for big boys.

These are things that Nana's 
just have to do.
 Quilts and arty things just
have to wait.

Even Michelangelo had
(online photo)
 to paint ceilings once in awhile.

Until Next Time-


  1. Yes indeed! My 3-year-old granddaughter just told me over the phone that her favorite stuffed animal's nose is unraveling, so it appears my first job after the big move will be surgery!

  2. What darling curtains ! SO cute :-D

  3. Those curtains are a cute addition to the room. Whenever I visit our grandkids, there's something to mend or something to add to decor. That's definitely part of our job description. I've made wallhangings and pillow cases and dolly quilts. I was a surgeon too. I opened the backside of a favorite little froggie and added new filling to plump him up a bit (too much hugging had flattened him). Isn't playing grandma or nana just the best job possible?

  4. You can not have 'baby' curtains in your room when you are 2 years old!! Great job Grandma! When my grandkids need a repair they know who to bring it to. I also have tried to make each of my grandsons a 'big boy' quilt once they have outgrown their baby quilts.

  5. Sanford loves them so much! Thanks for making his room so special! ~Elizabeth

  6. This is such a lovely post Kyle!! I can just imagine how happy a big boy would be to have such wonderful curtains, especially ones made with love by Nana!

  7. Grown-up 2 year olds love trucks and cars don't they!!

  8. lol - they turned out great - love the web photo.