Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I've Been Caught in a Giant Snowball

 All it takes is just one snowflake 
to fall and attach itself to another
and before you know it,
 there's a giant snowball careening
 down the hill out of control.
 It started out small
and now it's turned into something big.

I've been thinking about
 what's been going on in my sewing room
as I've finally had time to unpack all of my quilty stuff.

Getting organized is a good thing.
You can't do sharp work without a sharp pencil.
So taking the time
to put everything in an appropriate place
will just make
it more fun later.

But it doesn't take long before
one tidy spot leads

 to another spot that needs work,

that leads to another spot...
And as you continue
to ride in that giant snowball
you're thinking, 
"Help! Will this ever end?"

And guess what?
It isn't long before
you find yourself at the bottom of the hill.
All that hard work is done.
Everything's put away.

There's nothing left to do now

Until Next Time-


  1. Will you be creating lots of good stuff in your sewing room soon? You have a nice place to work.

  2. Oh, I was expecting to see a photo of the fruits of your labors. Looks like a great sewing room. : )

  3. Very nice. I love a clean and tidy quilting room, but rarely manage to have one for long.:)

  4. After our new carpet install and sewing room clean-up I'm having a hard time finding things! lol

  5. Enjoy your new haven - creativity awaits you!!

  6. hooray! have fun creating in your newly organized space!!!

  7. this is something I have been working on too the past few weeks,I know you will love working in your new organized room!

  8. hmmmmm...I wonder what lovely project you will make next?

  9. hmmmmm...I wonder what lovely project you will make next?