Monday, November 18, 2013

It's A Holly Jolly Halloween?

 I know that it's only
about 5 weeks until the holidays,
but I just had my 
Halloween quilt 


And I just couldn't put away
partially done. 

the next step was to create the scalloped edge.
I drew the edge on freezer paper
so that the design fit the border of the quilt,

and using a blue chalk-a-liner,

 marked the outside edge.

I decided to stay-stitch a scant 1/4" from 
the chalk line before I cut it.
 Somehow that seemed safer.

 I really liked the
 new edge.

I had previously picked out the binding,
but now I wasn't quite sure if it was what I wanted or not.

Here's what I was trying to decide.
Of course, I had picked the orange and black. 
It was the safe choice, 
but somehow the
black and white dots seemed to fit the 
nature of the quilt better.

So that's what I used for the binding.
It fit the whimsical look of the front of the quilt

and even went with the wild backing I had chosen. 
Sometimes you have to go with your instincts
and do what makes you smile.
I should lean in that direction more often. 

So while I was in my unconventional mindset,
and the fact, that I still couldn't find any black 
rick rack to use with the last border,
I went a different direction.

How about purple?
These are the new colors 
modern quilters are using for this holiday.

And I guess I did too.

Until Next Time-


  1. How gorgeous!! Your choices just make that amazingly fun quilt all the better! I have the pattern...hmmmmmmm

  2. What a stunning finish to your beautiful Halloween quilt!
    Congratulations on an awesome finish!

  3. What a darling finish. Purple is a perfect choice!

  4. Turned out very fun, Kyle! Nice job!

  5. What a perfect Halloween quilt! I wouldn't have been able to stop working on it either. Sometimes it really does pay to do what makes you smile.:)

  6. Wow what a difference a scalloped border makes and the purple rick rack, just fantastic. I always take the safe option when it comes to binding, so thank so much for showing me your choices, as it might make me step outside of the square next time! What a lovely fun quilt.

  7. That is wonderful - such a fun quilt! Love the fabrics you have chosen - your instincts were spot on! And thanks for showing how you did the scallop.

  8. Very cute! At first my heart stopped when I realized you were cutting a quilted brave;-0

  9. love your scalloped edge on this great quilt! The binding fabric is perfect too!
    great finish!!