Monday, November 25, 2013

Red Balloons

 Little kids love birthdays.
Me, not so much.

Last week was my grandson's 2nd birthday.

He wasn't quite sure what a birthday was,
but the way the grownups were carrying on,
he figured it must be something important.

And if something is important,
the best thing to have are

 red balloons.

What else in life could
bring such joy?
It was the best present ever!

A good reminder to all of us.
The simple things 
are sometimes the greatest gifts.

Until Next Time-


  1. Oh, that is what I forgot on my birthday Saturday! : )
    Looks like they made his day!!

  2. How sweet. I miss having little ones around. My youngest Grandchild is 12. Enjoy...they grow up so quickly. Hugs