Friday, November 22, 2013

Bound and Determined

A set of three
always creates a good progression,
a beginning, middle and end, or
like a trilogy in literature.
Each story can stand alone or
they are connected together for one interesting story.

Here is my beginning,

my middle

and the end.

What's the connection?

In this case,
 three quilts
three bindings
and three finishes!

Maybe with three evenings to stitch,
three good movies,
it will equal three quilts completed.

I'm bound and determined!

An update:
Elizabeth was given "da boot" today.
The best choice, no cast, no surgery.
Nana's heading home after a stop 
at Sanford's preschool for a 
Thanksgiving feast.
It's been a busy week

Until Next Time-


  1. yea! congrats on finishing 3 bindings!
    glad to hear about the boot and not needing surgery!

  2. Nice to hear it was a good outcome for your DD, and a feast was involved too ;-)
    Love the near finishes. Enjoy the movies!

  3. I love binding, because it means its nearly "show and tell" time!

  4. Congrats on your binding finishes. I love when it's time to sit down and sew the bindings while watching a good movie on TV. Hugs

  5. How nice to be so close to three finishes!
    That is such a blessing that she got a boot. Now when is that baby due? : )

  6. Bindings on three quilts?!?!? Awesome!