Monday, August 12, 2013

What Happened to Summer Vacation

 Back in the days when I was a kid,

school always started after Labor Day.
Now most of the districts at least in this area
begin in August.

I'm sure it's the same amount of days,
or maybe even less,
but it still seems weird to begin classes while
August is still considered summer.

We all know things change,
but learning the ABC's
 is still standard.

Back to School
always reminds me of one of my
favorite quilts.

41" x 41"

 This delightful pattern is designed by
Connie Huddleson
Her pattern company is called

 The pattern was done in wools,
but someone had gifted me a great assortment
of hand dyed flannels so
 that's what I used.
It made the quilt lighter and more useable for me.
The designs were fused on black flannel and then
buttonholed around each shape by hand using
perel cotton thread.

I love the chunky letters and
the pictures that represent each.
 Connie has a great imagination.

The border with the scallops and heart appliqued shapes
looks great around center design.

It's that time of the year to
enjoy any alphabet quilts you might have in your collection,
despite the fact,
that it's still August.

Until Next Time-


  1. The alphabet quilt is delightful! You made the quilt in 2001. I wasn't aware that there were patterns for wool applique at that time. The flannels work so well and are oh so pretty.

    I have not liked the school schedules nowadays. I don't think kids should go back to school until September. I have read more than once that the first two months of school is spent getting kids back to the point they were at the end of the previous grade year end. I don't think it was that way for me. I loved school. I played school all summer teaching things to the neighbor kids. So much fun for everyone.

  2. What a wonderful little quilt! It looks great ion the flannels.
    We have gone back to school the end of August for some time now, but it has been difficult with the heat. Most of our schools don't have AC and the kids are too hot to pay attention. There have been many schools having to install AC now.

  3. What an adorable quilt! Great way to use flannel.

  4. I love this's so charming! And I totally agree with the school thing.....what's so wrong with starting after Labor Day!?! It worked for us!! :o)

  5. Sweet! I don't think I have an alphabet quilt.
    Love the colors and it must be so soft in flannels.