Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Freedom Tail Verses The Food Trail

 Boston is a city
 that has American history
 around every corner.

Just follow 
the Freedom Trail and
history becomes alive.

There's another trail that you can follow,
but there are no markers in the sidewalk.
 It lead through an exciting part of the city,
known as the Italian North End.

It's a delicious part of the city.
There are almost 100 eating establishments,
from coffee shops, tiny sandwich shops, old family
run Italian American restaurants, from trattories to elegant restorantes.

and enjoyed every minute as we
 wound our way through many shops and samples.

 Not on the tour, but sweet
just the same,
was our pilgrimage
 to Mike's Pastry.

Paul Revere verses a cannoli?

Both equally Boston.
 Until Next Time-


  1. I don't see a pic, but I hope you didn't miss the torroni at Modern Bakery. YUM!

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  3. Yum! That food looks scrumptious! How fun to see everything!