Monday, August 19, 2013

Blogging Anniversary and a Few Surprises

It's my anniversary!
 Timeless Reflections, was 
created 3 years ago.

where has the time gone.
It simply began as a writing challenge to me.
Just as a way of expressing my random thoughts and 
my quilting adventures.

I've made some wonderful blogging friends,
and it's been fun connecting with like minded
gals from all over the world.

So let's  CELEBRATE.

I've put together 3 different gifts that I'd like 
to share with 3 different blogger friends.

I've written about how much I love using the
Clover Domed Needle Case.
It's one of my favorite notions.

These are from
my recent trip to the Shelburne Museum 
Fun fabrics and charms.

And #3 is
 2 Singer trading cards
and 2 trading cards from Coats and Clark.

Just leave a comment
about why you blog or
why you like to read blogs
or simply say "HI",
 between now and
next Monday, August 26th, and 
the random number selector
(Running Man)
will draw 3 names
 for the 3
anniversary celebration giveaways
in that order.

Thanks as always for taking
the time to visit with me.

Until Next Time-


  1. I like to blog to teach others how to do alterations and run a sewing business. It's been fun to see how many people from all over the world are helped each day. That is the most fulfilling part. It's also alot cheaper than publishing a book which would cost too much because of all the photos. Happy anniversary!

  2. I started to blog to feel a part of a quilting community, since I don't belong to any guilds or sewing groups. I have made great friends, learned so much, and I definitely feel like a part of a large quilting group!

  3. Congratulations - have enjoyed following your blog too! I blog because it is such a wonderful way to share ideas and maintain motivation on the quilting journey - and it is such a nice community all over the world. What a lovely giveaway - very generous of you :)
    All the best

  4. Happy Anniversary! My blog is my diary and a way to keep my family informed of a life 2000 miles away. I'm much better with writing words than I am speaking words, so its been a great outlet to express my thoughts!

  5. Congratulations on your blog-anniversary! My favorite thing about writing my blog has been meeting people from all over the world who love quilting as much as I do! And reading other's blogs is so very inspirational! I've really enjoyed your blog since I found it.

  6. Happy anniversary! Thank you for organising the giveaway.
    I like reading blogs because I learn so much about quilting thanks to them (and thanks to their authors, of course) and I love looking at quilt pictures, old and new: the inspiration is endless. I'm from Europe so reading American blogs also gives me an insight into "the American way of life": I've picked up a few new-to-me recipes over the years, for example!

  7. Congrats on your blogiversary! I started blogging to have a diary of my quilting efforts and then realized how much it keeps me motivated at the same time. I love how much inspiration I get from all the quilters quietly sharing their process. Every now and then someone writes something that 'zing' actually makes me feel pretty normal. LOVE THAT! Sounds like a great giveaway!

  8. Happy Anniversary Kyle. I love your Running Man random number selector. lol

  9. Happy anniversary! I started blogging to keep in contact with quilting friends while in CO for the summer. Now I use it to motivate me to keep working on projects. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway.

  10. Happy Anniversary! Your blog always has something fun to read or see. Thanks for all the sharing.
    I blog as a personal visual journal of what I'm up too. I also like to share tips, recipes and fun ideas with others in the blogasphere.
    thanks for a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes :)

  11. Happy Blog-Anniversary Kyle!
    I began blogging 4 years ago because living in a rural area, it was the easiest way to stay in touch with other creative friends. It snowballed into something far more wonderful than I'd imagined and I love the daily dose of motivation, joy and inspiration bloggers share.

  12. Happy Anniversary, Kyle! Woohoo!...3 years! Awesome! And I love reading blogs about quilting, food or decorting.....they all get me inspired to create! I started my blog as a way to keep track of my quilts and the pictures. I kept losing my photos, and realized once they were on my blog, it was like having a permanent catalog of my pics. And it just took off from there! I love blogging, and have met some really wonderful people! :o)

  13. I started my blog as a way of sharing my love of quilting without leaving home. A way to make new friends who I may never meet in person but there is always that chance of maybe I will. A way to keep up with what is new and see what others are creating.

  14. Happy Anniversary!!! I just love blogging and reading others blogs. I've been inspired by all the friends I've made out in blogland. Thanks for the great giveaway. Hugs

  15. Congratulations on your blog-iversary! I'm a newcomer to your blog, but have signed up so I get to read every post! I blog to share with my friends my quilting adventures.....and have made so many more friends - and that makes me happy!!

  16. Congratulations, Kyle, on your 3 years of blogging! I love to read your thoughts, but have not been able to keep a blog going myself. It does take work. Thank you!

  17. Congratulations on your third year of blogging. I'm the READER. I love seeing what others are quilting, family stories, trips..all w/o leaving the sewing room. I'm a quilt addict who doesn't want the cure.

  18. I love to read blogs because everyone shares their insight on projects and tutorials. I learn something new everyday!

  19. I started blogging to connect with like minded women everywhere - have made some great friends - and even met some of them in person!

  20. I started to blog to keep a record of the quilts (and other misc stuff) that I make. And now I blog to enjoy friendship and the endless eye candy of what everyone else is making!

  21. Thanks for sharing some of your goodies! Didn't you just love the Shelburne? I visit your blog through Log Cabin Quilter - only because I've just been too lazy to add new blogs to those that I follow. Also, my D-I-L's computer crashed and she had to borrow mine for nursing finals - that seems more important than adding bloggs :) Anyway, Congrats on your blogging anniversary! I blog because I enjoy writing. And the byproduct of that is I've met SO many great quilters from around the world. Here's to new friends!

  22. When I started reading your blog a few months ago, I found it so uplifting and fascinating. And after hearing your lectures in Stash Club, I could almost hear you "speaking" in your blog. It is so uplifting to me and I can hardly wait for each entry. After reading a few of your entries when I started, I decided to go back to your beginning and I have read the whole thing. It is your biography and now I feel I know your family without ever meeting them. Thank you for taking the time to express your creativity and sharing your love for quilting with your readers. Rinda (And I hope you blog many more years to come.

  23. Thank you, Kyle, for your blog. It's the first thing I check every time I get on the computer. It's always positive and uplifting. I hope you'll be able to continue it for many more years.

  24. I'm catching up on my blog reading, I don't like feedly much for reading blogs, you can't comment right from it. Congratulations for sticking with your blog for 3 years, I am way behind on mine.

  25. I've been blogging over 5 years now - couldn't believe it when I looked back to check the date! I started it after after having a small stroke when the doctors wouldn't let me go on a mission trip to Mexico with my husband. He and my sister went without me and I needed something to do while they were gone! blessings, marlene