Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peach Beehives

From cobblers to salads
from breads to ice cream,
the lovely summer peach
is such a  delight to use.

My family's all time favorite
summer peach recipe
Peach Beehives.

These little beehive replicas 
 are so easy to make
and so delicious.

A friend gave me this recipe
way back
in the mid 70's
and now it's a tradition
to enjoy this summer dessert. 
Each peach is wrapped in a narrow
strips of your favorite pie dough.
I had to use store bought this time.
 Leaving the skins on the peach  and starting
with the stem side down,
wrap the pie dough around and around
overlapping until the peach is covered.
Make sure the dough is
firm around the peach so all
that delicious peach juice doesn't
leak out.
 We always have to make
a few bees out of the leftover dough.
That's the fun part.

Bake at 375 degrees for 
30-40 minutes,
depending on the size of the peach,
or until lightly golden brown
on a baking sheet that's lightly
greased or on parchment paper. 
That's a brown bee on the top,
not a pecan!

We add a nutmeg sauce
which is made by:
creaming some butter ( 4T )
adding some vanilla (1 t.)
milk (1 T)
a pinch of salt
Confectioners Sugar ( 1 cup)

Make it what ever consistency you like and the
amounts might vary depending on
how many peaches you bake.

Serve warm, but not hot.  
Those peaches inside stay pretty hot.

Take a bite, 
close your eyes,
enjoy the last days of summer.

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  1. This looks so wonderful!!! I can't wait to try this sometime.
    thanks -

  2. What a beautiful dessert; I've never seen this before! Thanks for all the pics.

  3. I have never seen such a peach beehive dessert. I am going to save the recipe. Looks yummy!