Thursday, August 2, 2012

Getting Prepped

When you watch the athletes competing at the
Olympics their movements seem so

But, of course, endless hours
of practice have gone
before each big event.

I spent the day dedicated to prepping
my next project
for my 11 Project Progress Plan.

It seemed like endless hours of
through this

looking for the right piece of fabric.

It involved opening certain doors

also looking for the right
pieces of fabric.

It involved making endless miles of
bias stems
 for appliqueing.

It involved ironing freezer paper templates,
and cutting out more
pieces than I remembered
the pattern having.

It involved looking at
this 1" pattern grid and

trying to come up with
some easy method for
determining placement so
 I would be consistent
 on all 4 blocks.
(Nothing yet)

By the end of the day I was tired,
spent way too much time making fabric choices,
and didn't feel like I had accomplished much.
I had hit the wall and was
done for the day.

But I had reached my goal.
I had worked hard to get this project prepped
and ready to
work on while I watched
those dedicated athletes
 reach for their golden moment.

 Until Next Time-


  1. what a great block. Don't worry too much about lining them up perfectly - they'll be charming if a little different like antique quilts are.
    prepping takes time, but so worth it to start a beautiful new project

  2. I've seen different ways of positioning these kinds of applique blocks - I think one involved tracing the completed design onto clear plastic sheets. The you lay it on top of your background fabric and lift the edges of the acetate while you sneak the applique into place. Good luck figuring out the best thing that works for you.

    I think I'm the only person who doesn't get 'into' watching the Olympics. To me, it seems such a waste of time & energy that the atheletes go through for such a slim chance at winning a medal. Seems like they could accomplish so much more doing something else. I'm not into sports and I'm not at all competitive, so I'm obviously in the minority with the rest of the world! LOL (don't hate me)