Monday, February 27, 2012

Piecing and Downton Abbey

Like many of you I have been captivated by the 
world of Downton Abbey.

The twin stories that take place in the early 20th century with
British aristocracy, Lord Grantham and family, and the
life of the servants working below in this grand estate.
The tension between the classes is evident, yet the writers, 
have shown parallel lives with this symbiotic relationship.

I was thinking about this when I finally had an opportunity
this past weekend to work in my sewing room.
I'm behind in my "Take Two", red and white blocks and
decided to get a few done.

My weird connection of piecing quilt squares and DA,
 which you have probably been trying to figure out,
 is how both sides of the block,
ie, the upstairs and the downstairs of the people on the estate
are important to each other.

The Lords and Ladies need the servants and the servants needed the
work and benefits of the estate.
Just like the
 wrong side of the block shouldn't be neglected
or the front side will be greatly effected.
(Kind of a stretch?)
Oh, well.  

People who machine quilt for hire, could probably tell
stories of quilts they've received that are a nightmare to work on because
 the back side of the piecing had been neglected.

I had a customer at the store once that had her entire queen size quilt 
wrinkled and crinkled into a grocery bag and
was looking for a backing.

As we tried to measure, I suggested that she might 
want to do some pressing and she literally saw no need.

The front side
the Crawleys

the back side
the servants and staff

The seams are properly pressed, 
the bulk is evenly distributed,
and all threads properly removed that might shadow through.

Doesn't that sound like what 
 O'Brien would do to assure that 
Lady Grantham was ready be seen or

 Lord Grantham's valet, Mr. Bates?

Love the story.
Until Next Time-


  1. So sad we have to wait so long for it to start again. Thank goodness for Netflix.

  2. I already miss my DA friends so much!
    Your post was so fun to read and your JT2 blocks are crisp and wonderful.

  3. Quilt tops in grocery bags, no pressing, no squaring up, really? Nah, never happens :). And do I love DA? Oh my, be still my heart. Love the dresses, the hats, the manners.

  4. I'm obsessed! I just started watching this weekend :)

  5. How are we ever going to wait an entire year for next season?!