Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cover Me in Quilts

When you were a kid and the teacher accidently
scraped her fingernails on the chalkboard,

 everyone in the class would screech and cover
their ears.
It's a horrible noise.

When I worked in the quilt shop, invariably,
someone, both men and women,  would
say, " Look at all those pretty blankets."
For quilters that is the same sound as
chalk scratching a chalkboard, maybe worse.
Blankets?  Please.

I use my quilts as if they were blankets.  
In fact, I don't think I have many b's left in my home.

February is a good month to cover yourself in quilts.
So here are a couple from my collection I'd like to share.

When my daughter and son-in-law celebrated their 
second wedding anniversary the appropriate gift is cotton.
What's better than a quilt?
"Happy Anniversary"
72" x 84"

I originally started this quilt as a store and kit sample, but
knew it would be just what they would like.
It was a pattern from Timeless Treasures using
Tonga Batiks and designed by Annette Ornelas.

Besides the wonderful batiks it used,
 it had a dimensional technique similar to the
cathedral window pattern.

It created a curved pattern without sewing curved pieces.

Folded pieces of fabrics are inserted and
 sewn in the seam allowances and then
folded back and smoothed into a curved shape and
then top stitched to make the curves permanent.
It's a great technique.

My machine quilter, Karen, at Cabin Country Quilting, did
a fantastic job adding her magic to the quilt.

Another quilt for February would have to be red.
What other color is associated with this month?

"Still Crazy After All These Years"
70" x 86"

This is another one of Buggy Barns wonderful
crazy patterns.
It is a great stashbuster design to use up some of those
red and cream fabrics.
The pattern is in their book, Certifiably Crazy.

This pattern loves to have all shades of reds and creams playing together.
The more the merrier.

 This pattern uses a fat quarter of each fabric.
Look at all the fabric I used up!

Looking at this makes me want to dig out my Buggy Barn
books and start something new and fun.

Don't forget the label.
You don't want to become "the unknown quilter".

Keep covered with quilts and
always cringe when you hear...
"What pretty blankets you make."
Until Next Time-

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  1. Don't you just love quilts? Someone in our group today asked what the purpose was for making a quilt - a new project someone had started. Was it for themselves or someone else? Is there a need for a reason to make another one? Except that one day someone will have it and love it and use it! And don't you wonder where all of them will end up?