Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kyle's Kupcakes

 One of my favorite ice creams as a kid was
 Neapolitan.  It's made up of chocolate,
strawberry and vanilla side by side in a block shape.
All of my favorites together.

Its origin was said to be Italian
from the area of Naples in the late 1800's
where the ice cream dessert would have been spumoni
with the tri-flavors being, cherry, chocolate and pistachio.

This sparked Elizabeth and me to be looking for the
perfect Valentine cupcake to make for her co-workers.
We found the ideal combination with a Neapolitan inspired cupcake, 
chocolate, strawberry and vanilla all together.

We liked the recipe from the blog, Six Sisters' Stuff.
 I did feel a bit guilty not making everything from scratch,
but time was more of a motivator.

The cupcake has a great brownie base and
a light strawberry cake baked on top.
Add a vanilla buttercream frosting and sprinkles and
it's Neapolitan flavors all in a cupcake cup!

The right colors and the right flavors
for Valentine's Day.
 It was a hit!

Until Next Time-