Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bread from Heaven? No, the Running Man

On a Saturday there are so many things
that can vie for your attention and time.
Over the years, Running Man, has pursued
many interests.
One of them has been trying to make the perfect
loaf of bread.
He's come close a time or two.
But never quite like what he wanted.

His bread making endeavors have resurfaced
and he has been challenged once again to see what 
he can do.

With a new wonderful book,
Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson
we entered the kitchen to bake.

Adding a few new techniques and using the
Basic Country Bread Recipe,
we made a pretty good looking loaf of bread.
In fact, it was the perfect loaf of bread!

 Basic Country Loaf

It's important to have diversity in your life,
and try new things, especially if it's bread.
This might have to be something
we try more often.

It makes the perfect lunch.
Now if I was just sitting at a piazza. 

Until Next Time-


  1. Please take me with you to the piazza!

  2. that bread is beautiful!!! Ive been baking bread too lately, it's so satisfying.
    Love that lunch....I'll be right over....

  3. Wow! I'll be over too---That bread looks wonderful...I'm drooling :)