Monday, February 20, 2012

Caring About Each Other

My friends are all 
part of the sandwich generation.
We are the ones in the middle caring for
aging parents and children and grandchildren.
Sometimes those situations can be
extremely stressful and seemingly never ending.
Our dear friend, Liz, has been squeezed for
quite awhile.
It was time for friends to 
give her a "Quiltie Buddy" surprise.

Doing what we do best, we made her a quilt.
Just for her.
Just to tell her we care.

Everyone pitched in and contributed fabric and time.
Using Terrie Atchinson's pattern, Texas Two Step,
we stepped up and sewed,
stitching our thoughts and prayers into the quilt.

This is a wonderful pattern for a group to
do together.  We had so much fun
having a sew day.  We hoped we sent those good
times forward to Liz.

My machine quilter, Kathy H., added her touch too with
big whimsical feathers to make it cheerful.

Our super embroider, Becky, made a label
that says it all.

Forever Friends"

Just for you,

Until Next Time-


  1. I've had a group make me a quilt and it means so very much to me. I'm sure your friend feels the love every time she sees the quilt.

  2. It turned out great, wish I could of been there !

  3. It turned out great, wish I could of been there !