Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another Diva

It was another meeting of the "Quilty Buddies".
That means three things.
First, it is a wonderful time of friendship and laughter.
Secondly, it is a opportunity to share our quilt projects with
one another and get motivated
because of everyone's exciting and brilliant ideas.
And thirdly, it's time for another Quilty Buddy 
to be transformed into "The Pie Diva" and  wear
the "Domestic Diva Apron".

The requirements are that you must wear the apron
and serve a scrumptious pie for dessert.

This time it was Becky's turn.
Isn't she sweet and so nonchalant?

But take a look at her dessert.

A Chocolate Espresso Tart

Doesn't that look like a mile long tart of chocolate goodness?
It was, especially with those gorgeous rosettes of chocolate ganache.

Some of us have been using Martha Stewart's
Pies and Tarts cookbook as our source of inspiration.

Becky chose this particular dessert because when
we first saw the book this tart was on the back cover and just looking at it made
our taste buds start aching.

That's the fun part about being the "Domestic Pie Diva", it gives each of us the 
opportunity to serve something above and beyond the norm.
Maybe even stretch our culinary skills.
And it's just plan fun.

It was another perfect meeting of quilting friends...
savoring a special  time together.
"A little Halloween humor."
Until Next Time-


  1. So sad to miss it!! It does look a mile long, but a mile of yumminess!!

  2. It looks like you ladies have a fantastic time!!

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