Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simple Solutions

I have a hard time with transitions, like
when you've finished one thing and then
have to go on to the next part.
I can get stalled.

If I were on a tight rope,
I'd be trying to balance out in the middle of the rope,
pondering what I should do next 
and not moving.
Sometimes I get hung up on details, or
not knowing what direction to go
or, not being able to find the things I need to go on.

I am ready to start machine quilting  my "Little Leftover Quilt".
This shouldn't be this hard, it's little.
But I've gotten stranded on the tightrope.

What design should I do?
Something overall or simple in the ditch quilting?
If I do something overall, should I mark something or
be more free spirited?
 What color thread should I use?
What kind of thread should I use?
Do I have some batting pieces I could use?
I must have some fabric in my stash that would be the perfect backing.

I was having a hard time answering these questions and more.
I was stalled.

Then I told myself 
think of simple solutions.
After all this quilting "stuff" is suppose to be fun.

I'm ready to enjoy my snow day.

I found the right size batting in my leftover pieces,
the perfect brown thread,
the backing fabric, without much digging,
sharpened my chalk pencil without it breaking,
and marked some curved quilting lines on the top.
 The masking tape and my basting pins were even where they were suppose to be.

Put on the music.
I'm ready to quilt.

I got to the other side.

PS. The snow did come last night and made a terrible mess
especially with the trees.  Our yard looks like a bomb
went off, so many branches. 
Until Next Time-


  1. stay warm in your sewing room today!

  2. I so understand what you are talking about. I can get stuck at the start of each new step in the quilting process, why I do not know. I often just close my eyes and take a deep breath and move on. I like simple!

  3. We all get stuck with quilting ideas! Sometimes it just needs to "simmer" awhile and then it all comes together. So sorry about your yard - our's is just awful and is costing alot to have cleaned up :(

  4. The quilt in the neutral colors is so calming to look at. Very pretty.