Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Quilt Treats

Each month I have tried to share
a few of my past quilting projects.
It's especially fun for me to find and
look at some of the quilts I've previously made.

I love to look at how my skill level has improved,
how trends have come and gone and even reappeared, 
and how my journey as a quiltmaker has evolved.
For October I've dug into my small Halloween quilts.
 "Treat or Treat"

This little one is definitely a favorite.
It has both embroidery and crayon tinting.
It's a Bareroots pattern by Barri Sue Gaudet 
and is only 16" x 18".

Crayon tinting is when you color in the design with Crayola Crayons.
Heat set the crayon color with a hot, dry iron.
Make sure you cover the coloring with a sheet of paper
or the next time you iron 
you might put orange spots on your white t-shirt.

It's a fun process.
Give it a try if you haven't done it yet.

"Gourd Harvest"
12" x 28"
This wool table runner was designed by Ginger Sanchez.
I enjoy doing wool applique and doing a buttonhole stitich around
each wool piece.
I had this pattern for a long time and finally
last year got it done.
Sometimes I buttonhole by hand and sometimes
when I can find the Aurfil wool thread, I do it by machine.
It's beautiful thread to use and 
they have wonderful colors.
Just use a larger needle, 90/1, and regular
50 wt. thread in the bobbin.

"Scaredy Cat"
16" x 26"
The designer is Dana Thompson-Country Harvest.

This pattern was one of the first "wool appliques" that I did.
It is done with wool felt, which is different than
felted wool.

Wool felt is a blend of wool and rayon and is
a nonwoven product.
It can shrink quite a bit and bleed but is soft and easy to work with 
and is less expensive than wool.

I used wool felt because I didn't have real wool at the time.
It was before my friend, Becky, and I began 
hanging out at the Goodwill looking to repurpose wool garments.

Hope you have some Halloween quilt treats to bring out
and enjoy. If not
you can always find these treats.

Until Next Time-

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