Friday, October 21, 2011

Times They Are a Changing

Whenever I have to make a change in my life,
it's never very easy.
I wrestle with my decisions.
I try to weigh both the pros and cons.
I ask for plenty of advice.
Listen to the people I respect and 
then take the leap.

I have decided that it is time for me to retire
from working at the quilt shop.
I hate to use the word retire, it makes me feel "old".
But, I guess I'm older than when I started 18 years ago.
I actually started teaching for the shop, (gulp) 27 years ago!

I have helped so many customers learn about quiltmaking,
plan projects, and figure out yardage and more yardage.
These customers have become friends.

I have watched and enjoyed the excitement
of someone becoming a parent or grandparent,
felt the worry of friends dealing with major and minor health issues,
of others facing retirements or layoffs,
the loss of loved ones, and
the sorrow of customers moving away,
but the happiness of new friends coming to the shop.
I've followed customer's children through school, college and beyond,
enjoyed friend's travel adventures,
laughed at people's funny family  moments
and also listened to serious stressful situations.

It has been like "Cheers".  
A place where I have become "friends" with so many wonderful people.
And I hope where many people feel the same way about me.

I will certainly miss seeing so many 
fantastic quilters on a regular basis. 
But, I'm hopefully, that our paths will cross on many occasions.
To be honest the one thing that I will miss the most
is working on Fridays with my dearest friend, Becky.
We've worked together every Friday for 15 years.

We have had a wonderful time.
We've even referred ourselves as 
"the Lucy and Ethel Show".
If you know us, you know who is who.

So as of today, I have only 4 more Fridays
to work with "Lucy" I mean, Becky.
I will be part of the Fig Leaf Staff until November 11th.
I thought that would be a good day to say good bye. (11-11-11)

But there's many good things laying ahead for me and my family.
It's just time to close one door and open another.

Until Next Time-


  1. Now your friends get to have you for more play time!! I will miss seeing you in the store!! More play time!!

  2. Well Kyle we will all miss seeing your face in the store. Your laughter and sense of humor is one thing that I've always admired in you. I wish for you good health, fun times with family, relaxing days, and straight stitches. Keep quilting.

  3. Fridays have been my favorite day for the last 15 years. I will miss you, Ethel!

  4. Life is full of changes. Good luck on your next stage.

  5. You will certainly be missed, but you have such wonderful times ahead of you!

  6. OMG what will The Fig be with out you? Congrats on your retirement and all the new "doors" opening in your life.

  7. It will be sad for Stash Club. I have enjoyed your "lectures" so much. But changes are good for everyone and you only get to live your life once. Maybe we can meet for coffee once in awhile. Rinda