Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome to Kindergarten

On Monday I had the privilege to visit
Mrs. Wolfe's, Jessica's, kindergarten class.

What a delight.
She has some very sweet kids.
Kindergarten has changed a lot.
It's no longer playing and napping and having a snack.
In fact, none of those activities are part of the curriculum.

It's full day with  readin', writin' and 'rithmetic.

But Jessica is so good.  She incorporates a lot of
body movement and music in the required material.
And the kids are learning fast.
But there's also time to just be kids.

Yesterday they had a guest story teller....
Mrs. Redente.
I think today she is going to tell them
I was her mother.

That always shocks their minds.
How in the world could Mrs. Wolfe
have a mother. Wow!

Thanks Mrs. Wolfe for the wonderful day.

Until Next Time-

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