Monday, March 7, 2011

Roseville Applique Quilt

I didn't have much time to quilt this weekend
and I've
been trying to work on my Roseville Applique Quilt.

Finally, got my first block done.
Yea, I know you can see the berries are just pinned on
but I do have it sewn now.

So I pulled out all the fabrics, I had previously decided on,
and began the process of designing the next block.

Sometimes it helps to have someone else look at your
design.  They might see something you've missed.

On block two, I started with the largest 
elements of the design.
It's the easiest place for me, especially,
when the block has so many pieces.
I've just pinned the applique pieces to the pattern
as I cut them out.

Each piece is auditioning to be in the quilt.
Some will stay and others will be booted.

You can't just stack up your fabrics and see what
works.  You need to see them
in the right shapes and places.

Because this block is a asymmetrical
I find it more challenging to keep the colors, values and textures

Always step back, look and squint.
Taking a photo as you go helps to 
evaluate the block.

Keep auditioning.
It's the only way to be happy with the 
block when you are done.

I've tried to balance the reds, and golds because
they are my strongest colors.
I've also tried to balance the darkest values as well.
The urn will also have some dark blue reverse applique on it,
so it won't be so much of the same fabric 
and you can also see
the fruit at the top left has some reverse applique, some lighter gold goes there.
I also haven't pinned on the darker green stems that are included.

A couple of subtle changes and now
I'll let it rest.
I'll keep checking and see how it looks with block 1.
Any suggestions?
It's a wild one.

I'm actually going to do block 3 as well, before I put the fabric away.
I'll show you as I go on that one too.
Until Next Time-


  1. That is one serious project! The first block looks wonderful and I love the fabrics you've set up for block two. This is going to be a spectacular quilt.

  2. Looking beautiful. Did your kitty give you good advice?