Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Eye Candy

Last Saturday I went to the Colorado Quilting Council meeting.
I don't have the opportunity to go to often, but the
best part of the meeting, of course, is the show and tell.
It truly is amazing what quilters are able to do with
needle, thread and cloth.

Today was the perfect day to take a few pictures
of a few of my quilts.
 So here is a bit
of March Eye Candy.

"Crazy Log Cabin"

This is a Buggy Barn pattern from their book, Gone Crazy.
I have loved their books and their systematic way of making a scrappy quilt,
just slightly "crazy".

I used so many of my favorite fabrics in this quilt.  And really love the way
the blocks make a traditional log cabin, but then when you look close
you see how fun the blocks really are.
Aren't we a lot like that?
Totally normal on the outside, but if you look
carefully totally unique and slightly askewed.

I machine quilted it myself just doing stitch in the ditch quilting.

"Star Crazy"

This is another Buggy Barn pattern called " Star Crazies".
I probably taught this pattern 3 times at the store and everyone
loved it. 
Most of the patterns call for fat quarters so it is an easy way
to use "stash".

I machine quilted this one too.

1993 -94
This is a pattern from the book, Collections One by Red Wagon.

Red Wagon patterns was one of my all time favorites.
I truly enjoyed making this quilt.
The primitive folk art style was so much fun to do. 

The pattern left open so much for my own interpretation.
Looking at quilts that I made almost 20 years ago is like getting
reacquainted with old friends.
I really do remember all of those fabrics.  In fact, some are still
hanging around in my stash.

This quilt was hand quilted, back in the days when that is what we did.

Don't forget those labels.  How else would I remember
when I made this.

So much for reminiscing,
it's time to get back to working on current projects.
Until Next Time-