Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Progress verses Process

Wednesdays are one of my usual days off
from working at the quilt store.
After helping to figuring out everyone else' projects
sometimes it's hard to be motivated to work on my own.

Today was more about making progress
rather than enjoying the process.

My list of almost finished projects
was lengthening and seemed a bit out of control.
Today seemed like a good day to attack
that list and cross out as much as possible.
More borders to sew on.
I've been working on Crabapple Hills
pattern, Snowmen from A to Zzzz
for quite awhile. A long while!
I just finished the embroidery.  Had the fabric ready for the borders.
Ready, set, go!
Not quite done yet.
I still need to do the embroidery that
covers up the seams between the blocks.
I'm motivated now so it won't take long.
Can't wait to show it off once it's completely done.

Also got the backing ready and 
made the binding.
It's wound on an old spindle and
will be ready whenever the quilting gets done.
It will seem like such a treat to have it ready and waiting.

My quilt group continues to work on 
Anne Sutton's Snowbound pattern.
So far I'm keeping up.
Finished the March block with a few days to spare.
I'm using wool for the snowman and doing
hand applique for the other pieces.

When I visited Jessica's classroom last week and
took the Very Hungry Caterpillar pillowcase to add 
to her classroom reading area, I was surprised
when the kids noticed it right away.
That's motivation for me.

I found this fabric at the store with a sale tag on it
and decided the kiddos needed an Easter pillow as well.

My son in law is graduating from culinary school this week.
Don't you think he needs a couple of these.
Pillowcases with chefs.
It's a fabric from Timeless Treasures.

Now I'm left with handwork, a binding, embroidery, and
more handquilting on my Ocean Waves, that I promise I will 
get done soon.

I made good progress today and
even enjoyed the process as well.
So what's next?
Why start something new of course!
Until Next Time-


  1. You were quite busy! Yay, you finished the embroidery blocks!!

  2. I just LOVE those chefs on bikes. What a great, great fabric!