Friday, March 25, 2011

Fabulous Friday

For Today:
Looking Out My Window: The willow tree has a hint of green.  Love it.

My Weekend Plans Include: I believe I am being recruited to have the annual raking day on Saturday.  It will only be a party of 2 this year.  So it will be a small and slow party.  

I’m Reading:   Cruel and Unusual by Patricia Cornwell.

Movie Marquee: Temple Grandin and The Social Network.  Temple Grandin is at CSU.  It's a great story, if you'd like a movie recommendation.

Something Quiltie: We got a new book at the store last week, 501 Quilting Motifs by That Patchwork Place.  It's from the editors of Quiltmaker Magazine. It's a great collection of designs both for handquilting and machine.  I'd highly recommend it.

One of My Favorite Things: I grew up in the outskirts of Detroit. Besides cars, Detroit is also known for MoTown Records.  It included artists like the Four Tops, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Smokey Robinson, and Stevie Wonder.  I still like the sound.  I just don't sing and dance in front of the mirror anymore.

Are you tapping your toes?
Any memories from then?

I'm Thinking About: Jessica is heading to Florida next week to spend sometime with Kate.  She's the lucky one.

What’s For Dinner:  Wish I knew. We'll be hungry by tonight.
A Favorite Photo:    
American Gothic?

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Great picture!!! Hope you figure out something for dinner!

  2. Sorry we won't be there to join in on the raking fun...but we'll be thinking about you :)

  3. Yea, that's what you all say.