Monday, January 17, 2011

What's In a Name

Everyone recognizes themselves by their name.
There's power in one's name.

I'm sure what you are called has influenced 
who you are.

It probably was the first word you learned to write.
We label what's ours, it distinguishes us from others,
it gives us a sense of individuality.

When I was growing up, I wasn't very fond of my name.
It was so different from the popular names of the time, I was
always put in the boys PE class year after year,
it was a small high school and Jr. high school where everyone knew everyone,
I recieved notices from the different branches of
military services to enlist rather than be
drafted into the army during Vietnam and
I still recieve lots of mail addressed to Mr. Kyle.
Ed has gotten odd and knowing looks
when he has ordered roses for me and included
a loving sentiment.

At quilt shows, if I have entered a quilt, I'll always
hear the comment, "Look this one was done by a man!"
I was asked to enter a quilt in a special show
by the quilt museum in Golden "For Men Only". They
had sent me an invitation based on someone's recommendation
Ha Ha Ha
I do think I look rather feminine. 

Occassionally, I have heard of another female
with the name Kyle.
There's a local new anchor with the name, 
a real Housewife of Beverly Hills,
and I just found a whole facebook page of female Kyle's, who knew.

I do like my name.
It's unique, most people remember it, 
and when I hear someone call my name in the
grocery store it's usually to curb some bratty little boy.

My parents named me after a singer, Kyle MacDonnell.
She was on early television.  
I could never find any information on her.
My friend, Lisa, found a video of her singing.
It was like an instant connection.
Unfortunately, when I went back to look at it today,
it's been removed from the archives
Oh, well.

Until Next Time-

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  1. I can tell everyone you are a "girl"!!! I like your I love Kyle button.
    Robb gets the same thing with his legal name, Robin. :-)