Monday, January 31, 2011

February Show and Tell

Well, It's almost February.

Not sure where the month 
of January has gone.

But it's time to look ahead.
What better thing to do 
than to look at a few quilts.

Looking at these quilts is like visiting old friends.
Many of these quilts are stored and 
rarely get used. 
I pulled a few that looked appropriate for 
the "month of hearts".

Stars Within Hearts

I believe this was a Red Wagon Quilt pattern.
It was made with a lot of Roberta Horton's stripes and plaids

I like how the orange plaid helps to 
give the blue a punch, i.e. complementary colors,  and the red 
star to really shine.
It's even hand quilted

Another quilt that I really like is this one.
Crazy Hearts

This is a Buggy Barn Pattern.
I love their patterns.  
It's a great way to make a scrappy quilt in an
organized way.

I chose 3 different color groups to work with,
red, black and gold.
After the fabrics are cut and shuffled, each fabric 
ends up in every position in the pattern.
Very clever and easy to do.

This next one is an example of 
the question, "What do you do with
quilts that you just don't love anymore?" 

Dresden Hearts
mid 90's

Way back when there were about 6 of us
who made and sold a few wall quilts.
We called ourselves "The Material Girls"
We mostly did it to finance other projects for ourselves.
We did a great job and we had great fun.

This is one of the quilts we made and sold.
It's a fusible applique with gold charms sewn on.
It's all plaids and homespuns with a
black buttonhole stitch around the hearts.
It's definitely a folk art style.

Unfortunately, it's not really my style anymore.
I feel a little guilty saying I don't like something I made anymore.
Today what I like and do is different.

What do quilters do with quilts that
are not their style anymore?
Do I keep it or pass it on somewhere?
Do I add some machine quilting around it to 
make it better?
I really don't want to do anything more.
Any suggestions?

Hope your day is filled with perfect stitches.

Until Next Time-


  1. Is there some group, or children's home/shelter, Ronald McDonald house, etc., that would love and hug this?

  2. keep them as they are! its fun to see changes over the years

  3. I give them away. Make sure you take a good photo first to perserve the memory. I don't have enough space to keep all the older quilts and crafts I used to make.