Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quilters Say the Darnest Things

I've been working retail for 16 years.
Hard to believe.

I've been at the Fig Leaf helping
quilters and others make and learn more
about quilt making.
Maybe some of these ladies have been customers.

Over the years there have been some wonderful and funny
comments from our customers.
I thought I would share a few today just for fun.

Some Ultimate Quilt Questions and Comments:

"I'm looking for Debbie's Mom's fabrics"
"Or maybe it's called Debbie's Mother's fabrics"
Me: "Do you mean Debbie Mum fabric?" 
"Maybe, I guess you only have the British mom version."

Quilters are always looking for interesting and unusual
Do you have any fabric with: beer bottles,
goddesses,  orthodontic fabrics with teeth or braces,
Pomeranian fabric, or any other specific breeds of dogs, or
Thanksgiving fabrics with unicorns on it....

"The pattern says to use freezer paper in the applique,
but I think that would make the quilt too crinkly."

"Do you have any reproductive fabric?"
(I think they meant reproduction fabric)

"If I buy my fabric here, would you make the quilt for me?"

"Do you have any fun foo foo ferret fabric to make my
ferret a bed?" ... Really?

"Would your quilt basting spray hold a wedding
dress on a bride's body?"

"Is your 5th Saturday club on Wednesdays?"

A women came running into the store and yelled,
"Do ya got any fabric that looks like deer hide?"
I simply asked "Doe or Buck?"

"Of course, you know a fat quarter is a third of a yard."

"I love this fabric...but I wish it were different."

"I don't know what I want to make, 
I don't know how much I need,
or how big I want to make it.
Can you help me?"

At the Fig Leaf , yes, we can!

Until Next Time-


  1. hahaha! I'm glad you've always written down those comments!

  2. How funny! You should write a book!

  3. And of course, the ever popular, "How much fabric do I need to back my quilt?" Kyle: "Well, how big is your quilt top?" Customer: "How would I know that? I haven't made it, yet!"

  4. Oh, those are too too funny. Though, I have to say, I'm pretty sure I bought some of that reproductive fabric. How else to explain all that fabric in my sewing room? I'm sure I couldn't possibly have BOUGHT all that!

  5. You're right Terrie. I think some of my fabric does reproduces as well, how could I have so much?