Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cat Head Biscuits?

I was born in Detroit.
Far from the Mason Dixon Line.
I have never lived in the south.
Therefore, I am a Yankee and not a Southern Belle.

But I do love biscuits.

Because it was soup day, Hearty Vegetable Soup, 
it always seems like we have to have some kind
of bread to go with it.

I had gotten a new magazine, 
The Best of America's Test Kitchen, 
from Cook's Illustrated.
Lots of good recipes, of course, with helpful
hints and tested for perfection.

So I came across the story of 
Cat Head Biscuits.
The name certainly makes you curious.

It appears to be an old Appalachian recipe.
And yes, they are huge, soft and fluffy.
The tops are golden brown and craggy
while the inside is tender and moist.

If you jump over to 
the blog,
the recipe is there with all of the technique included.
I didn't use the food processor, but used
my hands instead to "rub" the butter and shortening into the flour.

Make sure the baking powder you have does not include
aluminum.  I think because it calls for 1 tablespoon it might
make them taste somewhat metallic. Just my opinion.

Can't wait to see them?
Now you just have to taste them, Yum!
I couldn't resist adding my dear kitty to the blog as well.

Yup, the biscuit is as big as a Cat's Head.

Until Next Time-