Friday, August 28, 2020

Live in the Sunshine


August is a serious time for ice cream.

It's time to start school no matter 
what form it takes.

Even my daughter who teaches first grade 
 has made quite a few adjustments. 

For me, it's time to share an August mini!!

The fields behind my house looked like the colors
of my quilt, golds and greens.

Wish it had been a field of sunflowers!

"Live in the Sunshine"
47" x 47"

(despite the skies still being smokey and hazy)

You might remember from earlier this summer
that I started appliqueing these sunflower blocks. 
 Susie Wright of 
Fixer of Old Quilts on Instagram had
drafted a pattern of an antique sunflower block
inspired by a 1862 quilt from the collection
of Cathy Erickson of quiltingcat2.

I decided to place the blocks all facing
the same directions, just like sunflowers
moving and following the sun during the day.

The border is designed with sets of golden flying geese
circling the field.
Again I tried to figure it out mathematically,
but luckily it worked out better in real life
than on paper!

All four corners actually, came out the same!

I kept the machine quilting simple
with echo quilting around the sunflowers,
straight lines in the skinny borders,

and leaves in the outer border.

I added the flange binding with the
dark gold and green to frame the whole design.

I found two older pieces in my stash for the backing,
 ancient yardage from South Seas designed by Theresa Kogut 
and a very old piece by Sandy Gervais.

Summer isn't really over yet.
There's still plenty of time to play
and even enjoy a little ice cream.

Until Next Time-


  1. What a gorgeous summer mini! It is so perfect for the season and for what you are enduring now with those dark smokey skies. This will surely brighten things up. I hope the fires will end soon. Thanks for another great mini.

  2. What a sweet quilt! I really like the photo of your quilt in the tire swing.

  3. Those are some serious faces on the boys...LOL. Your quilt is gorgeous, as usual, Kyle. Just love the colors and the quilting.

  4. Beautiful quilt, Kyle. I’ve never seen that sunflower pattern, but it sure is happy!

  5. Absolutely love your mini! Sunflowers are the best. Thanks for also posting your source - just went to Susie Wright's Instagram for the first time - it's amazing. Hoping I'm not too late to get the pattern she posted -- would love to make some of these sunflowers for next year!!

  6. What appropriate settings to display your beautiful sunflower quilt! Thanks much for showing that flying geese border so well; I'll have to try that someday. I love sunflowers too; they are even growing in my rose garden! ---"Love"

  7. Oh, another great finished mini! Beautiful applique and I like that inner border of flying geese blocks, it gives the effect of an unfurling ribbon.

  8. Kyle preciosas fotos de tus pequeños,
    Tu mini "me quito el sombrero" felicidades! es perfecto
    Conseguí el patrón, tengo que hacerlo
    Gracias por compartir

  9. I did see Susie's block on IG and was so tempted, but would never have come up with such a wonderful quilt as you have! I love that the flowers are all following the sun and your border of geese. Hope your daughter and grands have a safe and fun "back to school"!

  10. I love how you made these blocks all facing one direction--so pretty
    nice fabric choices too...great finish...hugs, Julierose

  11. Kyle it’s beautiful!!! I love the border - like a ribbon twisting. Your quilting is lovely too. Such a wonderful quilt for summer. I remember fields of sunflowers from travelling as a kid with my parents. I’m sorry your skies are still smoky- I hope they get them out soon! My kids start back to school next week with masks too. Post secondary is all online though so I’ll have a couple sitting at computers too. Definitely time for more ice cream ;0)

  12. There are almost no words! Drop-dead gorgeous quilt in that gorgeous setting! Just perfect! Love the grandkid photos, especially the bare feet on the wall as he contemplates his next assignment! And that "don't interrupt my melting ice cream" expression!

  13. This is stunning!!! I love the pattern and your quilting is amazing! What a beautiful summer quilt!

  14. Your sunflower quilt is so beautiful!! Gold is one of my favorite colors and I love appliqué so I'm really drawn to this piece. Really enjoy seeing your monthly minis!

  15. It's just so beautiful and perfect for late summer. I like how you oriented the blocks in the same direction. It just a stunning quilt! Yes on the icecream and such a cute expression on your grandson;). And wow your daughter teaching first grade in these times - huge adjustments I'm sure!

  16. The border makes it!! So cheerful.

  17. Oh my .... I love it Kyle !
    What a beautiful mini !!

  18. Love everything about this quilt, the pattern, colours and subject! Such beautiful work, congratulations on the perfect summer quilt.

  19. Brava! So impressed you did all the blocks and finished the quilt so quickly!

  20. What a beautiful quilt, Kyle! That sunflower pattern is perfect for this time of year. And I love that clever flying geese border! It looks like ribbon. The flange binding you add to your quilts is the perfect finishing touch :) Your grandkids are so cute!

  21. what a beautiful post of your Sunflower Quilt! I wish I could smell that field of grasses. I love how fields hold the heat of the day into the evening.
    What a wonderful quilt. I love your choice of gold fabrics and setting them the same way is really nice. lovely quilting.
    Cute photos of the boys. School is such a challenge for teachers and students. I hope this will be the last year like this for all of them.

  22. p.s. wonderful beauty shots like the tire swing :)

  23. Your sunflower quilt is perfection! Love it! I had seen where several people had taken up the challenge with the sunflower design. Your setting and borders make a lovely finish.
    It will be interesting to see how school goes for the kids that are actually in the classroom. No fun to wear masks all day long.

  24. So many adjustments for all. Ice cream does help. Love the sunflower quilt and how you cleverly quilted it. I hope the fires and smoke goes away soon.

  25. Oh my goodness your quilt is stunning. This that a barbed wire fence you have it on . . . I would never be brave enough to do that!

  26. Sunshine and ice cream. A perfect combination!
    Your sunflower mini is delightful. Lovely rich colours. It looks just right hanging there on the fence as if it is part of the fields.

  27. Such a pretty little quilt, love quilts that have that golden, cheddar, yellow fabric in it.
    School started here today too, kids are going to school again, let's hope it Goes well. Your grandson looks a lot like you.

  28. Oh my goodness!!! This is an absolutely gorgeous quilt! It looks like it really IS shining! :-)
    Ice cream was meant to be enjoyed! ;-)

  29. Perfect on all levels, Kyle. I love everything about this--what a charming quilt!
    And the lovely photos of it appear to do it justice.
    Now I'm craving ice cream. :)